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Autumn 2023

Toro grounds mowers in stock and ready for delivery

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Reesink has five of Toro’s popular grounds mowers in stock and ready for swift delivery across the UK.

The Groundsmaster 3300 out-front rotary, LT3340 heavy-duty triple, LT-F3000 triple flail, LT2240 cylinder and the Groundsmaster 4000 rotary mowers bring new cutting concepts to rotary, cylinder and flail mowing and are in the UK and ready to order now.

A Toro Groundsmaster 3300 cutting longer rough grass.

Unparalleled productivity from Toro’s Groundsmaster 3300.

Reesink UK and The Toro Company have been investing resources to support availability including paying additional airfreight on accessory items and premiums to secure equipment from other Toro distributors, where there’s the option. We’re so pleased to see this approach working and stock arriving in the UK.

Jon Cole of Reesink Turfcare
Jon Cole Divisional Business Manager, Reesink Turfcare
The Toro LT3340 in action.

Toro’s LT3340 is one of Toro’s hardest working grounds mowers.

All of these machines are ideal for maintaining areas that are cut infrequently and can handle longer, wetter, coarser grass cutting, or finer, neater cuts depending on what is required in the green space being tended.

The Toro LT-F3000 cutting grass on a slope.

The LT-F3000 is designed to delivering the perfect cut in a multitude of different conditions and environments.

From light trimming to mowing dense overgrown areas, the Toro LT3340 will be appreciated for its durability, strength and performance. The LT-F3000 will impress by increasing the length of time between cuts, making grounds teams more efficient. If it’s wet, coarse, long, dense grass on the agenda, the Groundsmaster 3300 with flail or rotary deck, will deal with it.

Toro LT2240 cutting rough grass on a slope.

From heavy-duty municipal mowing to fine turf, the triple-cylinder LT2240 delivers quality and performance.

The LT2240 works in areas with restricted access and limited manoeuvrability and is suited for fine-turf applications as much as densely packed, overgrown municipal grass, while the Groundsmaster 4000 handles cutting on hills and wet grass with ease and has the ability to turn on itself leaving a zero inch uncut circle adding to its already impressive productivity.

A groundsman operating a Toro Groundsmaster 4000.

The Groundsmaster 4000 maintains full time 4-wheel drive for mowing with confidence, even on hills and wet grass.

So, don’t delay, with these popular grounds machines in the UK and ready for delivery now, order today for guaranteed results within weeks.

Whether it’s a rotary, cylinder or flail mower customers want, we’ve got it covered.

Jon Cole of Reesink Turfcare
Jon Cole Divisional Business Manager, Reesink Turfcare