Spring 2021

The future of the greenkeeping industry

It’s not the destination, but the journey that counts and Toro has definitely made the journey toward electric cutting hugely beneficial and entirely rewarding for the golf and fine turf industry.

Toro has spearheaded the movement towards electric power for the last decade culminating last year with the launch of the industry-first all-electric Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 ride-on triple mower. Here we take a look at the machine, and its hybrid predecessors, that has brought the next big technological advancement to the market.

Feature story

Gullane and Toro partnership to hit 25 years

Gullane Golf Club in Scotland and Toro certainly have history. With the latest deal taking it to 25 years, it’s a partnership claimed to have produced putting surfaces as close to perfection as nature will allow.

That accolade was made about the effect of the Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid 3420 mowers on the course for the Scottish Open three years ago and with a new machine in the club’s last order, clearly the Toro effect continues.


    Electric power for Dore and Totley

    Dore and Totley Golf Club is the first club in South Yorkshire to take delivery of Toro’s all-electric Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 greens mower. The machine was selected to join the all-Toro fleet and continue its drive on economy, productivity and efficiency which has resulted in a course members are proud to be associated with.

    Peter Bowden, course manager at Dore and Totley, says: “The course had huge potential which we’re delighted has now been realised, this resulted in the club being voted the best club in South Yorkshire by Your Golfer magazine. We achieved that by ensuring the course is presented in the best condition at all times. This is helped by the use of Toro equipment and getting the most out of the machines, keeping them in the best possible condition and when new technology arises, taking advantage of that.”

    Peter is of course referring to the technological advances that have brought electric power to the game, without compromising on productivity, quality of cut or the bottom line: “As soon as one of the frontline greensmowers needed replacing it was a done deal that it would be the Toro eTriFlex we brought in. It made complete sense to choose that machine. It will save us money in the long run, on fuel, running and maintenance costs. There is a slight increase in the monthly outlay, but that is off-set by the increase in quality and service the eTriFlex brings. The quietness of the electric motor allows the greens team to start cutting earlier in the morning without affecting our neighbours, allowing more playing time due to extra tee times being available at the start of the day.”

    Latest news

    Latest Toro innovation for Royal Norwich

    Royal norwich continues to invest in the latest innovation from Toro. The club in Norfolk has taken advantage of the electric power revolution Toro spearheads with the delivery of a workman gtx electric utility vehicle, alongside Toro’s latest pedestrian mower, the Greensmaster 1026 and is the first club in the country to order Toro’s new NozzAlert flow monitoring system with multi pro 5800-d sprayer.

    It would have been hard to miss Toro’s meteoric rise in bringing electric and hybrid power to the turfcare market. Off the back of last years’ launch of the first all-electric riding greens mower, the Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370, it’s good to revisit the machine that in a way started it all; the Workman GTX electric utility vehicle, one of the brand’s first triumphs in the electric power arena.

    Machine focus

    Machine focus Toro Greenmaster 1026

    More than living up to the memory of the enduring best-selling Toro Greensmaster 1000 series, the redesigned series is proving itself in the marketplace. Bursting with unique features to improve your experience using it without affecting the exquisite quality of cut, the 26-inch Toro Greensmaster 1026 we look at here is new from the tip of its handle to its driveline and chassis. All that remains the same are the patented DPA cutting units, but even that has a modular build to allow the driveline and chassis to be removable for eased servicing.

    Latest news

    Toro the right decision for Olton

    Olton Golf Club in Solihull has chosen Toro for its first fleet deal, alongside Toro irrigation, in order to improve the course and stand out against its competition.

    After slowly turning its fleet Toro red over the last ten years, with the support of the club’s committee it was decided the time had come to make the biggest leap yet to progress the club and invest in a Toro fleet deal.

    As the club’s first ever package deal it was far from a snap decision, explains course manager Mark Smith: “Moving the club from purchasing one or two new machines per year, to investing in a full five-year package deal with a mix of lease and purchase machines took a lot of time. With the help of a forward-thinking committee, it’s finally become a reality.”

    Latest news

    The dream machinery team at Thorpe Hall Golf Club

    Thorpe Hall Golf Club has invested in two brands from Reesink after seeing the benefits both Toro and Nordic Plow could bring to its course.

    With a hectare of greens and a course stretching 90 acres in total, it’s no easy feat to keep up excellent turf maintenance at Thorpe Hall Golf Club. And no one knows that better than course manager Chris Wright, who’s been at the club for nearly 19 years.

    “I’ve been course manager since 2013 and before that I was deputy course manager, so I definitely know the course and the best ways to maintain it,” explains Chris. “Which is why in 2018 we signed our first Toro lease deal.”

    Latest news

    Lockdown Toro machinery deal for Stratford Oaks

    Stratford Oaks Golf Club, in Warwickshire, spent its time in lockdown carefully considering the best machinery maintenance equipment for the long-term future of the club. Its conclusion, unanimously, was a Reesink finance deal for a Toro fleet.

    It was a deal done to bring financial security and peace of mind for the next five years. And it was a deal which sees the club step away from the old and welcome a new brand to the club for the first time in 21 years.

    James Cleaver, course manager, is behind the change of direction and breath of fresh air this will bring to the club. He says of the process with Reesink: “I was expecting, with good reason, service to be different during lockdown, I would have understood if it had dipped at times, but it never did despite how busy they were. And as soon as they could visit safely, they did. It filled me with the utmost confidence.”

    Latest news

    Toro fleet for Hainault Golf Club

    It was a deal a couple of years in the making for Hainault Golf Club in Chigwell, Essex, as it changed machinery brands and settled on a large fleet with Toro and Reesink, and it was worth the wait according to course manager Paul Selbie.

    Choosing a new machinery brand and partnering with a new distributor are two big decisions, requiring research and demonstrations, and it can take time to be sure it’s the right move for the future of the club.

    But actually, Paul says, the decision to commit to Toro and Reesink Turfcare was a straight-forward one, made with no hesitation: “This was my first machinery fleet deal at Hainault. I appreciate it’s a big thing to step away from what the club and team have known and relied on for a long time, but with the previous machines well-overdue an upgrade, it was the right time to present all the options to the team.

    “Everyone was involved and while I had used Toro previously, no one else had,” Paul continues.” The feedback was really interesting from the demos and it brought everything to the table, not just the performance of the machines, but the bigger picture. For example, was Reesink the right distributor, was Richard Freeman the right contact and would the support and back-up be there?

    Product report

    myTurf Pro fleet management software

    Improving greenkeeping fleet management with Toro software, the myTurf Pro system leverages over 10 years of experience in industry-leading fleet management and takes it to the next level.

    This powerful, easy-to-use software enables you to track and manage your club’s assets, including equipment, attachments and irrigation, while its real-time data helps improve staff efficiency, lengthen the life of equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs.

    The ‘at a glance’ dashboard keeps you informed of maintenance requirements and operational status. Detailed historical maintenance records provide valuable information on total cost of ownership and asset performance, while demonstrating how well each machine is performing. The industry’s first equipment connectivity tool – Toro wireless hour metres – automatically logs information about all machines in operation at the club whether they’re Toro or not. And because it gives you access to information such as parts and service manuals, it means you can easily order parts and schedule services as soon as they’re needed.