Reesink Agriculture All you need to know about one of the fastest growing tractor brands in the UK
Autumn 2023

Lowdown on Farmtrac

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Deciding which tractor to buy is not an easy process, but Farmtrac’s Vikas Grover gives the lowdown on everything you need to know about one of the fastest growing and most innovative tractor brands to the UK market.

In 65 countries across the globe, Farmtrac aspires to be a market leader. Read on to find out why it should be on your shortlist when it comes to buying your next tractor, so you don’t miss out on what could potentially revolutionise your working life.


What’s the story to Farmtrac?

Farmtrac founded and launched by Escorts Group in 1996 in response to the loss of Ford/New Holland’s license in India, since then has blossomed into a market leader in the space. We’re famed for our customer-centric approach and reliable build quality and cater to customers from over 65 countries across the globe. We’re proud that Farmtrac stands tall among the top 10 tractor companies from India, boasting a comprehensive range of tractors ranging from 20hp to 120hp.

What is it important to know and understand about Farmtrac?

Farmtrac is a brand that stands out for its technology-driven approach, versatility in catering to diverse farming needs, commitment to excellence, constant innovation, and agile response to market demands. We offer advanced solutions, a wide range of products, a focus on customer satisfaction, high-quality standards, a culture of innovation and adaptability, which is why Farmtrac remains a trusted and impactful brand in the agricultural and farming industry.

Farmtrac tractors moving sand into a trailer.

The electric FT25G with turf tyres in action on the left with the FT22 with industrial tyres.

What makes Indian tractor brands and specifically Farmtrac so popular?

Indian products enjoy an advantage of good technology, reliability and stability over other markets’ products. Specifically, Farmtrac keeps competitive by offering quality improvements in engine efficiency and emissions, better selection in transmissions and power steering, as well as keeping prices down by limiting offerings in digitalisation (little or no use of engine control modules – ECM) of the engine, and the other bells and whistles for operators that come as standard options elsewhere. Different continents have different requirements, and our world class Research and Development centre has over 500 engineers developing products to meet customer expectations. We have our own engines, transmission and hydraulics complying with homologation requirements around the globe. All these features in an affordable tractor price add to the reliability and the overall exceptional performance of these machines.

Who are Farmtrac tractors suited to?

The Compact Series is our best-selling series, catering to the needs of modern-age, small scale and hobby farmers and equestrian centres in the UK. These tractors consistently deliver the extra durability and reliability required for the market and conditions in the UK. Our electric tractor – the FT25G – has been received particularly well here and is one of our top performing models, which makes sense seeing how environmentally aware the UK is known to be.

Farmtrac FT25G on show at an exhibition.

Charging the electric tractor is easy, it reaches 100 percent charge using a domestic three pin socket overnight.

What are the reasons for purchasing a Farmtrac tractor?

Customers around the world appreciate value for money, after-sales service support, attractive styling, comfort, easy maneuverability, and maintenance – they get all this and more from Farmtrac. But most importantly, they appreciate reliability. Farmtrac carries Ford’s Legacy and is considered an aspirational brand and the most powerful tractor in its category, with excellent productivity in terms of output.

What’s the hardest thing to convey to new markets and why?

Customers need to be updated about the technology and salient upgrades to have all the information to hand to help make the right decision about which tractor will best suit their surfaces and to-do list.

“We, as a company, need to focus on new technological developments while continuing to offer the best agricultural machinery to our customers. All the while providing impeccable after-sales and parts support.”

Vikas Grover Head of Europe Escorts Agri Machinery


  • Farmtrac tractors signify high performance and latest features in the global market
  • Increased performance and hassle-free operations, resulting in increased comfort for the driver while enabling farmers to grow more
  • Farmtrac tractors run heavier implements very effectively in order to achieve more profitability in less time
  • After-sales Service network – a widespread dealership network to ensure high customer satisfaction
  • Goodwill in the market – the company has been present in the market for over 70 years and is among the most prestigious in the industry
  • Build quality – tractors are durable and robust; workhorses designed to tackle all kinds of terrain and challenges
  • Technology – the company’s R&D facilities offer innovative solutions to farmers such as cutting-edge technology seen in the range of electric tractors. Farmtrac is the only Indian company to export electric tractors to Europe and America
  • International presence – present in more than 65 countries with manufacturing facilities in both India and Europe
  • Awards winning across agricultural shows and exhibitions in Europe


FT22 – 22HP: 9X3 gear speeds, among the best in the sector

FT26 – 26HP: One of the best-selling models

FT 26H – 26 HP: With hydrostatic transmission

FT25G – 25 HP: Among the first electric tractors

FT25G H – 25 HP: Electric tractor with hydrostatic transmission

FT6050E – 50HP: With the option of 2WD and 4WD

FT6075E – 75HP: Utility tractor with option of 12X12 and 24X24 gear speeds

FT6075EN – 75HP: Specialty tractor for vineyards and orchards due to narrow width