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The winning choice for the UK's football clubs

Toro turfcare machinery is the top choice for 96 percent of the UK’s football clubs and training pitches. It’s also the pick of the bunch for rugby, tennis and cricket clubs across the UK. And it’s no surprise why. Toro manufactures some of the finest sports turf machinery in the world to deliver the perfect playing surface and after-cut appearance.

We’ve had the honour of working with the global leader in innovative turfcare machinery and equipment, Toro, as the sole distributor in the UK for its sports fields equipment for 40 years.

Together we bring UK sports venues a full turf maintenance package including professional-performance mowers, utility vehicles, aerators, sprayers and topdressers to prepare and manage the perfect surface. Toro’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, technology and excellence, combined with our comprehensive finance deals and award-winning after-sales servicing and support, enables every club the opportunity to have premiership quality pitches.

Completing our sports offering, we also have the pleasure of bringing you Toro’s state-of-the art irrigation control systems, sprinklers and soil sensors, as well as water aeration solutions from Otterbine and SRC, through our water division – Reesink Hydro-Scapes.

The choice of turfcare professionals the world over, the equipment we distribute can be found across the very best sports venues in the UK.


Utility vehicles




With professional turfcare mowers designed to cut sports grounds and training pitches to an impeccable standard, Toro has the dream team line-up for your turf maintenance.

Choose from the innovative electric or petrol walk-behinds with clever cutting rotation for touchline turns, to wide-area cylinders or rotaries. Fitted with accessories such as box collectors, brushes and DPA (dual precision adjustment) cutting units, all applications are covered.

Most clubs in the Premiership have a sustainability strategy and we’re the partner you need to tick those all-important clean energy boxes. Toro’s hybrid and electric offerings tackle noise regulations for stadiums or training pitches in urban areas with machines such as the Toro eTriFlex 3370 all-electric riding greensmower or the Greensmaster e 1021.

Utility vehicles

Ideal for the day-in, day-out work, from moving people, equipment and materials, to topdressing and spraying, these utility vehicles, distributed by us, are some of the most productive and toughest on the market today.

Each has exceptional payload, power, versatility and reliability. From the mid-duty range, there’s the MDX series, mid-duty utility vehicles; in the heavy-duty range we offer the HDX and new UTX; and then there’s the GTX, grounds and turf crossover, which comes in Lithium-Ion electric and petrol options and boasts superior ride quality and comfort, meaning there’s a dedicated passenger buggy designed with your customers’ needs in mind.

With battery-powered options available to a number of the Workman models, you can choose the type of energy that suits your course and sustainability needs, but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to move everyone and everything.


Aeration is essential for healthy sports pitches and training fields and with Toro you can shorten the return-to-play time.

All Toro aeration models are easy to use and highly efficient, so operators can aerate more area in less time. Just as important, hole spacing is precise and clean, shortening the recovery time for a faster return to play.

Guaranteeing a clean and even finish, Toro’s walk-behind, PTO-driven and deep-tine aerators are unmatched in their superior hole quality allowing you to get the depth you need to maximise turf health.

More recently we’ve added Core Solutions, the core collecting blade attachment from US-based Nordic Plow to the range. This nifty blade fits perfectly onto any aerator or bunker rake to complete core clean up with less manpower and remove the cores in one pass too.


Take charge of your turfcare with Toro’s broadcast-style topdresser and increase productivity with accurate spread patterns from ultra-light dustings to ultra-heavy aeration hole filling applications from the first pass.

Whether applying sand to raise the height of the root zone, applying a light dressing where turf is more uneven, filling hollow coring, or encouraging new root and shoot growth, we’ve got the best performer from Toro for providing top notch consistency and accuracy over a wide expanse of the course.

When the ProPass 200 allows you to select from a range of configurations and controls to match your needs, tow vehicle and budget, there’s no need for us to have more when you only need one.

Southampton Football Club's Electric Mower

Southampton Football Club, nicknamed The Saints, is the first club in the Premiership to invest in Toro’s all-electric Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 riding mower. Like more and more clubs in the Premiership, Southampton FC has an all-encompassing sustainability strategy, paving the way for a better tomorrow – and if there’s one thing the battery-powered Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 brings to the equation, it’s clean energy.

Toro is a worldwide recognised brand, and the reason for that is the build quality and reliability of the machines. We’ve had Toro machines at the club and performing well for the last four years and while we did look into other brands, there was really no comparison.

Bruce Elliot Head of Grounds and Estates, Crystal Palace Football Club