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Autumn 2023

An eVolution for grounds from Toro’s Groundsmaster e3200

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Toro has led the pack when it comes to developing hybrid and electric machinery for the turfcare industry and now it can announce the launch of the battery powered version of its world-class out-front rotary mower, the Groundsmaster 3200.

The Groundsmaster e3200 has taken the rugged chassis, commercial-grade mowing deck and intuitive operator controls of the diesel-powered machine that has been popular for 50 years and made it environmentally friendly with zero-operating emissions.

With a power source for the future, the Groundsmaster e3200 is the first all-electric out-front rotary mower – and it debuts at SALTEX 2023 on the Reesink UK stand.

Powerful HyperCell batteries

Toro’s proprietary, patent-pending lithium-ion technology incorporates a smart battery management system for consistent performance and optimised lifecycle, which is good for the life of the machine and the environment.

Toro’s Groundsmaster e3200 brings all the rugged build and power you’d expect but with an environmentally-friendly power source for the future of groundscare.

The strong, quiet type

The Groundsmaster e3200 not only eliminates operating emissions for a cleaner environment, but engine noise too. With the e3200 work can start near residential and urban areas early without disturbance.

All-day power, all-day performance

The all-new Groundsmaster e3200 can be configured with up to 17 HyperCell batteries for all-day runtime in all conditions. Smart controls optimise power consumption by continuously and efficiently providing ample cutting power without slowing down.

The reserve power mode allows the operator to set parameters ensuring enough battery power to return to the recharging station. The on-board 3.3kW charger allows for recharging overnight, ready to tackle another day.

The Toro Groundsmaster e3200 in action.

Because it’s whisper-quiet, the e3200 can start work near residential and urban areas early without disturbance.

No range anxiety

There need be no worries when it comes to the range of the machines. Toro’s InfoCentre clearly shows battery charge status, hours and alerts and has customisable settings. No infrastructure changes are required, as with all Toro’s electric machines they can be fast charged by plugging into any standard household outlet, taking between three to ten hours depending on the model for a full charge.

Favourite features battery powered

There’s no drop in productivity with the Groundsmaster e3200. It features the same rugged 60-inch (152 cm) side or rear discharge mowing deck options built with high-strength steel for the ultimate durability, and impact bumpers featured on the popular diesel-powered Groundsmaster models. It’s simply the power source that’s different.


  • TRACTION DRIVE: 2-wheel drive electric transaxle with weight transfer function
  • GROUND SPEED: Up to 12.5 mph (20 km/h) forward, up to 5 mph (8 km/h) reverse
  • MOWING SPEED: Up to 12.5 mph (20 km/h)
  • OPERATIONAL MODES: Smart mow, turnaround, battery reserve power
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 8ins (20cm) traction unit only
  • MOWING DECK: 60ins (152cm) side or rear discharge deck options
  • HEIGHT OF CUT: 1-6ins (25-152mm) adjustable in 0.5ins (12.7mm) increments
  • SPINDLE ASSEMBLY: Electric motors driving steel blades
  • WARRANTY: Two-year limited on traction unit and deck. HyperCell™ batteries 5-years

“Toro now has an electric or hybrid mower for all aspects of turfcare maintenance and Reesink is the ideal partner for businesses looking to reduce their carbon impact.”

Jon Cole Divisional Business Manager, Reesink Turfcare