Dealer news Look out for the Master Service Technician Award in 2024
Autumn 2023

Reesink training sets standard for excellence in turfcare

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It’s one of the most rigorous and comprehensive training courses in the industry — look out for the Master Service Technician Award in 2024.

Technicians who successfully complete the Reesink’s Master Service Technician’s Award give their dealership the ability to offer customers the highest level of service in the UK and keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape of turfcare machinery.

The award recognises individuals who have taken their training to the ultimate level, ensuring their skill base remains updated with the latest advancements in hybrid and electric technology.

Developed in collaboration with The Toro Company’s factory experts and taught by manufacturing partners around the UK, the programme informs technicians of equipment updates covering new products, warranty, technical service information and best practices.

Lee Rowbotham, service manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: “Customers like to know they are getting the best service possible and with a master technician on board, they are. It lets customers know up-front the level of knowledge they’ll have access to within the dealership whatever machinery models they own and it gives the dealership Master Dealer status UK-wide, something that holds great advertising weight.”

Reesink credits dealerships 50 percent of the overall programme costs for their first technician that achieves master technician status, and 20 percent for any who complete the training afterwards. They’ll also get a contribution to an improved warranty rate so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for dealerships.

Lee Rowbotham, Service manager at Reesink Turfcare
Lee Rowbotham Service Manager, Reesink Turfcare

For the technicians themselves, it’s not just the knowledge of being at the top of their craft they are awarded with. By becoming a successful member of the programme, technicians qualify for a once in a lifetime trip to Toro in the United States, visiting key industry locations in Shakopee, Tomah and Bloomington Minneapolis to enrich their understanding of Toro machinery.

The programme isn’t a one and done offering either, with new products and technologies being launched year-on-year, master service technicians will also be able to keep training up to date during the year with seminars run by Reesink Turfcare.

When it comes to the best of the best, Reesink’s Master Service Technician delivers the top end of training available to dealers in the UK, rewarding those striving for excellence in their services.

To learn more about becoming a master service technician call 01480 226800 or click here.