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Green, clean options for all aspects of fleet management

Climate change is at a crucial point, the sweet spot when we have the power to make change and a difference to the future. Change, no matter how small, from all industries is needed and this is where we collectively step in.

When it comes to sustainable machinery choices and transport options for turf and leisure venues, we provide the greenest, cleanest options for all aspects of fleet management.

From utility vehicles and ride-on and pedestrian greensmowers to an extensive range of golf buggies and tool carriers with lithium-ion and hybrid energy sources and even eco-friendly machine and parts cleaning products, you’ll find what you need to start and continue your journey to sustainable fleet management with technology-leading brands Toro, Bio-Circle, STAR EV and KAASPEED here.

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Good mileage per charge

STAR EV’s smallest models can travel at a range of 20-30 miles, with others covering as far as 70-80 miles on a single charge – more than enough for your daily tasks.

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Extensive warranty

STAR EV offers up to six years warranty on batteries, plus its lithium-ion batteries operate on 100 percent full power until discharge with no decline in performance.

STAR EV charging

On-board charging

The entire range comes equipped with on-board charging, meaning no expensive infrastructure costs and simple plug and go charging.

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