Reesink UK Two Toro launches and innovations from all four Reesink divisions at SALTEX
Autumn 2022

Two Toro launches and innovations at SALTEX

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Reesink UK will be represented at SALTEX 2022 with innovations and technologies, new launches and best sellers from all four of its divisions for the first time. Plus, two new Toro machines will launch.

Reesink Turfcare

Bound to be a big draw will be two new product launches from Toro:

The new Toro ProCore 648s – its your favourite aerator but better.

Building on the incredible legacy of the ProCore 648, the new 648s brings even more innovative features to the time-tested machine that changed the way you aerate. The s stands for superior – and superior it is.

Proven reliability, improved performance and exciting innovation – that’s what makes the ProCore 648s the new superior choice.

An updated version of a customer-favourite model, there are more than 10 new patents and all the best features of the 648 customers know and love, with some brand-new enhancements based off operator feedback and Toro’s own in-depth studies.

The new electronically controlled hydrostatic three-wheel drive ensures consistent hole spacing when aerifying uphill or downhill. It also increases the speed on turnarounds with a tighter turning radius with little to no front wheel push and scrub during turns for extra productivity.

The new and proven InfoCentre technology enables precise ‘set and save’ increments for tine depth and hole spacing, with a broader range of 5mm (0.25 inches) increments for the ultimate control.

Delay Mode minimises disruption of the playing surface and guarantees maximum tine depth on the first entries into the soil, removing the labour required to restore tufted turf in the majority of turf conditions.

It allows operators to easily target where they want the coring head to drop or raise using the leading edge of the front tyre as a marker, making starting and ending passes or jumping up and over an in-ground hurdle (like a sprinkler) much easier.

The redesigned operator console puts all the primary controls at the operators’ fingertips, becoming more intuitive and allowing single handed operation.

Furthermore, all ProCore 648 accessories are compatible with the ProCore 648s and can be used interchangeably.

The ProCore 648s, it’s the new gold standard of greens aeration.

The new Toro Workman UTX 4×4

Reesink will unveil the latest powerhouse from Toro to tackle all terrains thrown at it: the new Toro Workman UTX 4×4.

A Toro Workman UTX

Customers have noticed how the Workman UTX’s electric tipper is noticeably stronger than the piston system on other comparable UTX vehicles.

Built to withstand all environments including ice and snow, this robust four-wheel drive, full-sized utility vehicle is ready to haul, tow, snow plough and more, quickly and effortlessly. Curbs, inclines, hillsides, slopes and drops, the high ground clearing (25.4cm/10 inch) from the Workman UTX takes you from job to job directly.

With 25 percent more cargo capacity than that of others in its class – 1814kgs (4000lbs) and 907kg (2000lbs) towing capacity – it blasts through tasks. It’s road-ready and comes with a proprietary speed control system to guarantee the right speed and power for the job at hand, meaning you can choose between lower RPMs for lower fuel consumption and sound in sensitive areas, or higher RPMs for more power to haul a heavier load up hills and inclines.

Toro’s new no-nonsense UTV, it’s ready to tackle all the literal ups and downs for any application requiring real mechanical muscle.

Toro’s Groundsmaster 3300 with flail attachment

Toro’s Groundsmaster 3300 mower is back with its innovative flail attachment.

The Toro’s Groundsmaster 3300’s versatility to cope with the upshot of reduced mowing cycles and the resulting longer coarser grass and give year-round productivity had never been more needed or valued.

The Groundsmaster 3300 on its own has the ability to deliver year-round productivity and multiple cutting options, cope easily with longer, coarser, dry or wet grass and combat extended mowing cycles – it was this that immediately caught the market’s attention. Then, if that wasn’t enough Toro launched a fine-cut flail attachment option which meant this machine could cut two ways. It’s this sort of innovation from Toro that guarantees the kind of productivity customers today demand.

Bio-Circle GT Maxi

New to Reesink’s offering and the next big thing for sustainable cleaning of machinery is BioCircle GT Maxi, the parts cleaner that requires no water and eliminates pollutant run-off into the water system.

Bio-Circle GT Maxi

The sustainable cleaning solution from BioCircle and Reesink Turfcare has arrived.

This provides customers with the solution for a VOC-free, pH neutral cleaning option that’s gentle on the environment but powerful enough to remove grease, oil, grass contamination, whiteline paint and fertiliser. So, for water-controlled usage with a hose and brush attachment and double-walled tank to minimise heat loss, look no further than stand K080.

Reesink Agriculture

Talking of tractors, the industry’s first all-electric compact tractor, the Farmtrac FT25G, also seen here, could not be left out. To say this machine has had a whirlwind time since it was launched in 2019 would be an understatement. It’s won awards, been on multiple TV programmes and impressed the industry’s electric vehicles and technology enthusiasts, as well as winning the SALTEX Innovation Award in the Environmental and Sustainability category. So if you missed seeing it in person up until now, now’s your chance.

Reesink e-Vehicles

It is very important to Reesink as a company to focus on providing sustainable, environmentally friendly machinery alternatives that do not compromise on the quality of the work, while allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint. The current offering includes products powered by propane, biodiesel and advanced batteries made more efficient by incorporating electronic fuel injection, hybrid and electric technologies.

STAR EV Capella 2H Lifted

Customers at SALTEX can see the STAR Capella 2H Lifted, which is praised by customers for its off-road load carrying capabilities.

At SALTEX will be the electric Capella 2H Lifted from STAR EV and KAASPEED’s unqiue electric scooter. Both make transporting cargo and people around the site fun, clean and green.

KAASpeed scooter

Reesink Hydro-Scapes

There’s a selection of irrigation and water aeration solutions from a new Reesink division called Reesink Hydro-Scapes, entirely dedicated to supplying and installing effective and efficient water-based solutions.

Visit the stand to hear about all the irrigation solutions Reesink Hydro-Scapes has on offer.

Encapsulating the long established and industry-leading Toro irrigation systems, controllers, sprinklers and soil sensors, but better representing the growing Otterbine pond and lake aerator business; SRC wall-mounted controllers and quick-replace Franklin pump systems too, it represents the company’s support to its existing brands and growth strategy for the future. There will be products from all brands at SALTEX.

SALTEX is a great chance to showcase our latest range of products, meet customers and build relationships with other manufacturers.

Alastair Rowell
Alastair Rowell Managing Director, Reesink UK