Reesink Agriculture First all-electric compact tractor for UK groundscare sector
Autumn 2022

Farmtrac dealership doubles

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Farmtrac tractors prove popular with UK’s dealer network.

Farmtrac’s dealer network in the UK has doubled in the last year. The reason for this success is attributed to the brand’s quality and user-friendly technology.

The term ‘compact but mighty’ is often used in conjunction with the Farmtrac compact tractor range and that’s because its design focuses on packing each model with performance possibilities without overcomplicating the issue.

A powerful engine and world-class components including transmissions designed and produced by Carraro and hydraulic systems from MITA are matched with simple design, logically laid out controls and easy to view instruments. This potent combination has given Farmtrac the reputation among dealers and customers for not only having all the power and technology needed to get the job done, but for being easy to operate at the same time.

Dealers are finding there is a growing market for great value for money tractors that focus on the core elements the customer needs, rather than being over burdened with more complicated electronic features.

Steven Haynes Tractor Sales Manager, Reesink UK
Reesink's Steven Haynes shakes hands with Big Mower Company's Peter Bullock sat on a Farmtrac tractor.

The Big Mower Company is Farmtrac’s latest dealer to join its steadily growing UK network. Pictured are The Big Mower Company’s managing director Peter Bullock, right, and Reesink’s Steven Haynes.

We knew the all-electric FT25G, which spearheads the range, would have a good launch but it’s grown exponentially over the last two years and we’ve seen demand outstrip supply.

Steven Haynes Tractor Sales Manager, Reesink UK

The popularity of the brand with dealers and customers has been unprecedented and it’s not just the award-winning electric tractor and the increase in popularity of electric-centric machinery solutions that has led the brand’s success; sales are strong with all models and it’s the diesel FT26H that is the best performing product in the UK

Expansion of the dealer network is very much word of mouth, says Steven: “Dealers drive the success of the brand. So many tell us they’ve heard about Farmtrac from the dealer community, whether that’s with a farming, agricultural, small holding, domestic or landscaping focus. Or they’ve seen it on TV or social media. It’s driving its own success.”

We hear the repeated use of the words ‘quality’, ‘innovation’ and ‘reliability’ when we speak to potential new and existing dealers and customers, and I think dealers can see that those elements combined with the backup offered by Reesink Agriculture are a winning combination.

Steven Haynes Tractor Sales Manager, Reesink UK