Toro ProCore 648s

  • 18 greens in 7 hours Efficiency
  • Kohler Engine type

Technical Specs

Toro ProCore 648s

The Toro ProCore 648s. It’s your favourite pedestrian greens aerator, but better.

Building on the incredible legacy of the Toro ProCore 648, the new 648s brings even more innovative features to the time-tested machine that changed the way you aerate. The s means superior and superior it is. Revised controls improve ergonomics and allow single-handed operation. Hole spacing and true tine depth are now set and saved in the InfoCentre. The ProCore 648s, it’s the new gold standard of greens aeration.

Leaving a clean and even finish, the ProCore 648s allows operation on fine turf with the absolute minimum of disturbance. Fitted with a head drive system that uses precision balancing weights, innovative wheels in the coring path and a large 122cm aeration swath, the ProCore 648s leads the way as the most productive and efficient pedestrian aerator on the market.


Toro ProCore 648s

Deep, high quality holes

RotaLink geometry allows the tines to enter and exit the ground cleanly leaving a high-quality result and a quick return to play.

Toro ProCore 648s

Electronically controlled drive

This smart technology enhancement utilises an electronically controlled hydrostatic 3-wheel drive, which maintains more consistent hole spacing on sloping terrain. It also essentially eliminates front wheel scrub in turns while providing a tighter turning radius. Operators can easily increase speed during turns, improving efficiency.

Toro ProCore 648s

Delayed mode

When operating in delayed mode, the onboard controller continuously monitors key operational parameters, reducing grass tufting when the coring head drops to start a pass. Operators can also easily target where they want the coring head to drop or raise, making starting and ending passes or jumping up and over an in-ground obstacle, like an irrigation head, much easier.

Toro ProCore 648s


The completely redesigned operator handle with intuitive controls allows simple one-hand operation from either side of the machine, allowing operators to walk and keep their focus forward with less fatigue. The floating handle also allows any height person to operate the machine comfortably.

Toro ProCore 648s

Smooth, quiet, powerful

To give the ProCore 648s its uncommonly smooth operation, the action of the tine arms are modelled after a six-cylinder car engine. The arms work in pairs to counterbalance the coring action, with a precise configuration virtually eliminating hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration.

Toro ProCore 648s

Onboard storage

Designed for operator convenience, you can now bring a hot beverage, field notes, a sweatshirt, or carry some extra tines. WIth the onboard storage, there is plenty of room.

Toro ProCore 648s


All ProCore 648 accessories will work on ProCore 648s.

Toro ProCore 648s

InfoCenter smart settings

Set and save precise hole depth and spacing to ensure consistent, condition-driven aerification that yields outstanding results. This controller allows a much wider range of adjustment in 0.25” (5mm) increments, ensuring just the right amount of aeration to match the needs of the turf.

Toro ProCore 648s

TrueCore ground following

The TrueCore™ sensing system automatically maintains tine depth on the fly to match the ground undulations providing consistent coring depth of up to 4″” (10.2cm).”

Toro ProCore 648s

LED Light Kit

To get an early start or extend the work day, illuminate the path with the accessory five LED light kit.

Precise configuration virtually eliminates hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration

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