Toro TransPro 648

  • Heavy-duty stub Axle
  • 21ins (53.3cm) Height

Technical Specs

Toro TransPro 648

There’s good news for owners of the popular Toro ProCore 648 or 648s aerators, there’s now an easy transport option for this essential bit of kit. The TransPro 648 eliminates the need for pulling the aerators across the course or loading onto a utility vehicle.

This neat trailer allows for quick loading and unloading with easy securing and release of the aerator. Raised rigid edges keep the front wheel aligned and the rear wheels in the intended position. The high-strength ramp automatically adjusts while loading and a simply centred latch allows for fast, efficient securing and releasing, with no need for straps. The ramp can secure its cargo by automatically lifting, while the trailer length and hitch height are adjustable allowing for multiple towing options as well as easy storage.

The large flotation tyres minimise ground pressure and absorb uneven ground and bumps, ensuring a smooth ride across the course.


  • Safe transport of ProCore 648 and 648s
  • Protects adjustments
  • Easy to load
  • Quick unloading
  • No need for additional securing straps
  • Raised rigid edges keep front wheel aligned
  • Large flotation tyres minimise ground pressure
  • Ramp automatically raises and lowers

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