Reesink Turfcare Headlining for Toro at SALTEX will be the new LT2240 cylinder mower
Autumn 2021

New Toro mower revealed at SALTEX

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New and improved cylinder mower for greater productivity, headlining for Toro at SALTEX will be the new LT2240 cylinder mower which replaces the popular CT2240.

The CT2240, as a commercial triplex mower, had to satisfy a far wider brief than a dedicated golf or sports turf machine, it needed to meet hugely varied end user needs. From local authorities, large institutions and contractors through to estate owners, schools and landscapers, the CT2240 could be relied upon to mow everything from litter strewn roadside verges, amenity and parkland through to managing golf roughs and keeping winter sports turf in check.

The LT2240 is no different in that respect, but for the fact that it is tougher and more powerful than its predecessor, yet still compact and light enough to enable access to the most confined environments.

At 214kg lighter than the LT3340 it’s even more suited for transportation between sites, while the 195mm narrower transport width brings increased site accessibility. And thanks to the reduction in weight, fuel consumption is 41 percent lower. These improvements bring big differences when it comes to ease of use, productivity and operational costs.

In addition to that, the redesign includes an engine adjustment to bring it below 19kW meaning it does not need a Diesel Particulate Filter. This simple adjustment keeps the purchase price lower and with the option of upgrading from eight to 10 inch cutting units, ensures its performance remains high.

Joining that is the Groundsmaster 3200 with 24.7hp engine and 60-inch deck, which, for customers looking for an outfront rotary mower, is a must-see. Toro has created world-class outfront rotary mowers for over 45 years and its latest, the Groundsmaster 3200, is productive, versatile and can handle any weather and any terrain.

Toro Groundsmaster 3200

The Groundsmaster 3200 out-front rotary mower has all the benefits Toro’s out-front rotaries are known for such as superior access and trimming, optimal sight lines, easy-to-use controls and all-season versatility.

Representing the technology of the future are the Toro Workman GTXe utility vehicle and Greensmaster eFlex 2120 pedestrian mower, both with advanced lithium-ion battery technology. For those interested in the benefits of less emissions, less noise and easier maintenance, these machines are worth a look.

Toro eFlex 2120 on a golf course.

With industry-first lithium-ion battery technology and superior cutting performance innovations, the eFlex 2120 is highly efficient, extremely quiet, has no carbon emissions, less maintenance and you can mow up to nine greens (45,000 sq.ft.) on a single charge.

And if all that weren’t enough, there will also be a prize-draw on stand for the chance to win a Toro Greensmaster 800 pedestrian mower. Built on the legendary reputation of the Greensmaster 1000, this mower is up for grabs on stand H075!

Toro Greensmaster 800 on a golf course.

Toro’s Greensmaster 800 is built upon the legendary reputation of the Greensmaster 1000.

Representing Toro irrigation will be a range of sprinklers including Infinity55, FLEX55, TS90, T5 and Flex B series, all with Reesink’s new innovative natural turf cup which allows grass to grow in the cup on top of the sprinkler to create a seamless and continuous area of turf. The Toro Lynx AC system will also be back at the show along with Toro Turf Guard.

Other products making an appearance are Concept 3 and Fractional water aerators from Otterbine and a 2-wire irrigation controller from SRC.

Toro B Series irrigation sprinkler

Reesink’s natural turf cup, shown here on Toro’s Flex B series, is now available for a whole host of other Toro sprinklers, all of which you can see at SALTEX.

Reesink Turfcare is delighted to be back at the show and reconnecting with customers again.

To catch up and find out more about Toro groundscare machinery, Toro irrigation, Otterbine and SRC visit stand H075.