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Autumn 2021

Gold standard for the White Cliffs

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Reesink Turfcare has three new easy-care maintenance plans for fleet machinery. The plans – rated Gold, Silver and Bronze – give peace of mind that machinery is maintained on a manageable fixed cost basis.

Here, Dave Terry, supervisor at Dover District Council, talks about the benefits he has experienced with the ReeAssure Gold Plan, which essentially acts as a five-year service plan/warranty, and the relationship they’ve had with Reesink for four years.

With a patch that covers 123 square miles, Dover District Council has a lot of ground to cover and can’t afford to have its Toro fleet out of action – especially since each mower is required to be in operation for 25-30 hours each week.

Peter Clarke, Reesink, servicing turfcare machinery.

Peter Clarke is a service manager at Reesink’s Sheffield Park branch.

Having ReeAssure’s Gold cover means that Dave can expect routine maintenance and servicing along with unlimited callouts for vehicle breakdowns or repairs. Dave explains: “When you’re working with machinery, it’s inevitable that from time to time you’ll experience glitches or need to make repairs – it happens. Yet whenever I need assistance, I know I’ll have a Reesink representative on the doorstep the next day.

“We probably rely on them a couple of times each month and the security of having dependable, high-quality support more than pays for itself. If you don’t opt for cover, then you could be subjected to hundreds of pounds of maintenance on a totally ad-hoc basis and we can’t take that risk or threaten having machines out of action for long periods of time.”

Dover District Council's Toro mower cutting a field.

Reesink’s ReeAssure gold scheme keeps Dover District Council’s machinery running smoothly.

That’s why the Reesink maintenance plan is so integral to large grounds teams or estate management organisations as Dave continues: “When you have lots of public space to take care of, be it green spaces around housing estates or parks in the district, it’s important for us to partner with an operator we can trust. Reesink doesn’t cut corners and is reliable and professional.”

Reesink takes care of everything from winter servicing, replacement parts or general upkeep. Knowing that components such as labour and parts to consumables and disposal fees are all covered within the cost of the Gold package provides straightforward cost managing and budget control.

Reesink's Peter Clarke servicing Dover District Council's Toro mower.

Reesink’s Peter Clarke, left, with Colin Gilmore, Dover District Council’s ground maintenance team leader.

With Reesink’s ReeAssure plans, there’s the option for warranty programmes and the guarantee that buying Toro comes with buying into a support network like no other. The schemes are available through Reesink’s branches in Scotland, the South East and East Anglia.

A monthly fixed-fee means you can tightly control your costs and rely on the fact that there’s no hidden extras. With your machines optimised and ready to work there’s minimum downtime.

David Jackman
David Jackman Operations Manager, Reesink Turfcare
Reesink Turfcare ReeAssure servicing brochure.

Reassurance comes from knowing you can be assured your machines will perform to the best of their ability with regular maintenance and servicing.