Reesink Hydro-Scapes The natural turf cup for Toro B series from Reesink
Autumn 2021

Invisibly better

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Reesink Turfcare’s innovative addition for Toro’s B Series sprinkler head allows grass to grow in the cup on top of the sprinkler to create a seamless and continuous area of turf.

The quick release rubber cap pops up, allowing all the access needed to service the internal parts of the sprinkler without digging it up and it’s available in full-circle or adjustable part-circle configuration.

The benefit of in-field irrigation like this immediately improves irrigation uniformity, ensures player safety and guarantees best pitch playability and field aesthetics. And this combination of Toro B Series sprinklers with the Turf Cup from Reesink is ultimate for that.

Robert Jackson, Reesink Hydro-Scapes
Robert Jackson Sales Manager, Water Division, Reesink Turfcare

Designed to fit perfectly on the popular sprinklers, this turf cup further enhances the many benefits the B Series sprinkler is known and appreciated for. In action, the heads evenly irrigate a span of some 13 to 29 metres and the volume can easily be altered to deliver exactly what’s required with adjustment from 25 or 15 ‘Dual Trajectory’ options without having to change the nozzle. The flexible rubber compound from our original TS90 range has been utilised to prevent damage to the cup from pitch renovations or, more importantly, a player.

This new turf cup has been engineered to deliver issue-free, cost-effective invisible in-field irrigation. It provides precise and flexible control for watering no matter what the weather conditions are, giving head-to-head coverage even in windy conditions.

Robert Jackson Sales Manager, Water Division, Reesink Turfcare

Built to withstand the tough environment of the typical UK sports field, this turf cup has been designed and tested to ensure the highest levels of reliability and durability demanded by the market today.

Robert, who commissioned and helped design the new turf cup, concludes: “As we all know, something as simple as a sprinkler update can make all the difference. The same theory applies to the addition of this simple turf cup. Bringing maximum performance, minimising sprinkler interference and eliminating the need to dig up your pristine pitch during maintenance makes this product your man of the match, week after week.”

To talk to someone about the Toro B Series Turf Cup and invisible in-field irrigation for your stadium or training pitches, call 01480 226800.