STAR EV STAR EV supports sustainable approach at Radley College
Spring 2023

Lithium-ion key in brand choice

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Radley College has chosen to replace its fleet of utility vehicles with STAR EV’s Capella Work Machines stating the lithium-ion energy source as the key reason for choosing the new brand to the UK market.

The prestigious boys school in Oxfordshire needed to replace an ageing UTV fleet and made the decision to go electric as part of its sustainability plans to become carbon neutral in the next few years.

The Capella Work Machine can achieve a good 60 miles per charge

Making this commitment to a fleet of all-electric utility vehicles is part of the estate’s plans to become more sustainable. What caught our attention with STAR EV were the Lithium-ion batteries. Other brands have lead acid and that’s just not as favourable when it comes to longevity and charging

Adam King Head of Grounds, Radley College

The Capella Work Machine, of which Radley College has bought eight, is powered by a 48v 5Kw motor and comes with a high powered 10Kw lithium-ion battery charged via an on-board Lester charger. Users can opportunistically charge and can expect a good 60 miles per charge. Plus there’s no need to worry about power drifting away as there’s a constant amount delivered throughout the discharge.

The machines will be used predominantly by the gardening department and Adam references the machines’ 670kgs payload as another reason for choosing the Capellas, he says: “These machines will be used for everyday activities such as transporting waste or litter and landscape materials around, carrying lawnmowers, and assisting in heavier workloads with fencing projects and hard landscaping with slabs and all sorts in the back. The payload capacity means we know we can load them up and get on with it.”

The machines can transport lawnmowers and assist in heavier workloads

Star EV is distributed in the UK by Reesink e-Vehicles, a division of Reesink UK who Radley College has used for many years for its turfcare machinery. Adam says: “It is an advantage that we can continue using Reesink for our electric utility vehicles, we trust them as a distributor and know they provide excellent back up support. But that was by no means the deciding factor, STAR EV stands up on its own as a worthy contender in the fleet vehicles market.

They’re good value and support our ethos for future-proofing the purchases we make and getting the best out of everything. We’re really pleased to have them on board our journey to carbon neutrality

Adam King Head of Grounds, Radley College

Dave French, sales manager for Reesink e-Vehicles, comments: “The next generation are very aware about the importance of our reducing carbon footprint and being kind to the planet. So it’s fitting that Radley College has chosen STAR EV as a suitable replacement for most of its utility vehicles for the grounds department.”

STAR EV stands up as a worthy contender in the fleet vehicles market

The Work Machines are zero emissions with lithium-ion batteries. So no leaks, no top ups and no charging emissions. They also tip-toe quietly around the site without disturbing the students while they work

Dave French Sales Manager, Reesink e-Vehicles

To talk to someone about how the STAR range could suit your course and the finance options available call 01480 226800