Reesink e-Vehicles Reesink e-Vehicles dealers become STAR pupils
Spring 2023

Dealers become STAR pupils

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Reesink e-Vehicles hones product knowledge by inviting all its dealers, service managers and engineers from its three branches to attend technical training on the STAR EV range at the Cambridge Belfry.

Dave French, sales manager at Reesink e-Vehicles, highlights the importance of ongoing training for Reesink dealers. He says:

Training is an important ongoing aspect of any business. It’s imperative that the USPs of the products and the features and benefits are known so that the machines perform to the best of their ability and the customer gets the maximum value from their investment.

Dave French Sales Manager, Reesink e-Vehicles

Rob Dickens, technical support manager, and Nadine McGregor, international account manager, from STAR EV travelled all the way from the United States to deliver the session. The event covered both classroom based and practical training, including making physical changes to parameters on the vehicles while they were being driven.

Invitees to the STAR EV training covered both classroom based and practical training.

The training was delivered by Rob Dickens, STAR EV technical support manager.

Ongoing training ensure customers get the maximum value from their investment

“A lot of our dealers have never worked with electric vehicles before and not specifically with STAR’s electric vehicles either, so it was designed to give an insight into how things work, what could potentially go wrong and how to fix it if it does. It covered many aspects of the technical abilities of the vehicles and started from the ground up. It covered the basics of how electronic vehicles work including how to change parameters on the controllers.”

STAR EV provides an extensive range of lithium and sealed battery-powered utility vehicles, perfect for golf courses, sports stadiums, holiday parks, factories industrial sites and everything in between. There’s a wide range of choice for all your green transportation needs, with options to configure vehicles to exact requirements of a job.

With so much possibility, up to date training is a must. This STAR EV training ensures that all Reesink e-Vehicle’s dealers, service managers and engineers are fully equipped to help customers get the best out of their machines.

To talk to Reesink e-Vehicles about STAR EV, call 01480 226800 or visit the e-Vehicles website