Toro parts Cold weather tips for machinery maintenance
Spring 2023

Cold weather tips for maintenance

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With driest summer in 40 years and a ‘triple dip El Nina’ expected to bring continued dry, cold weather into the winter months, the best thing turfcare professionals can do is be prepared when it comes to machinery maintenance – and for that Toro Parts and Reesink Turfcare have got customers covered.

Weather scientists have confirmed the rare meteorological ‘El Nina’ could stretch Britain’s drought emergency into next summer, and a dry winter after a dry summer means maintenance this winter will be focused on taking care of machinery working on dry, hard, unrelenting ground.

This winter will be focused on taking care of machinery working unrelenting ground

Aerating, mowing and scarifying is tough enough during winter let alone when the ground is overly dry, which means machines will be given a particularly tough work out. Bent and damaged tines and blades will be an issue, so the best advice is to have replacement stock of these in the workshop to avoid delays to schedules and unnecessary downtime.

But which parts to choose? Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: “Customers should consider the same rigorous criteria for choosing parts as they do when choosing a machine. Things like performance, quality of cut, longevity and return on investment, all stand up for parts too.

Using parts that aren’t Toro Genuine Parts, especially in a Toro mower, can seriously damage the machine, and even risk damaging the cutting units. Choosing cheaper, less efficient alternatives is a false economy and will likely cost you more in the long run

Michael Hampton Toro Parts Manager, Reesink Turfcare

Whether it’s wet or dry, cutting time is reduced in the winter months, which makes it the perfect time to take an in-depth look at the cutting unit. Keeping on top of general maintenance of filters and belts ensures machines operate to full capacity when the grass begins to grow come spring and blades need to be kept sharp throughout the season.

With a blade for all seasons, choosing Toro guarantees not only a perfect fit but one carefully crafted to suit specific turf needs. For example, the ‘Atomic’ blades are best in the winter months, perfect for mulching up leaves or for use with a recycling deck to mulch the grass.

Again, it helps to have these sorts of things in stock but if space is an issue Reesink has customers covered with its comprehensive stock of parts, from the great value MVP kits, to blades, tines and filters. Toro line items are available for delivery at 24 hours’ notice anywhere in the UK, or by transatlantic air freight service.

Reesink has customers covered with its great value MVP kits

This represents the kind of reassurance Reesink wants to give turfcare professionals: minimum downtime, maximum productivity and more customer service – all at no extra cost.

Speaking of reassurance, there’s also Reesink’s ReeAssure scheme which offers maintenance service plans to remove the unknowns and make planning easy when it comes to machinery servicing. With the ability to mix and match three different service plans across machines, keeping your machinery fleet in optimum condition has never been easier.

To stock up on Toro parts or for winter machinery maintenance advice, customers can get in touch with their local Toro Genuine Parts dealer or service centre or contact Reesink here.