Toro TransPro 200

  • Heavy-duty stub Axle
  • 154.9cm Height

Technical Specs

Toro TransPro 200

Toro TransPro trailers safely and easily transport walk greensmowers to and from the mowing area. An easier way to get your pedestrian mowers across the site, safely and protected too, reducing the risk of any setting adjustments altering. For additional time and productivity gains, transport two mowers (excluding the Greensmaster 1600 and 1026) with the Toro TransPro 200.


  • Trailer fits both 18″ or 21″ wide mowers
  • Allows easy mower wash-down without unloading
  • Allows fixed or flex units, with or without groomers
  • Single configuration
  • Adjustable roller pockets
  • Low-pressure tyres
Toro TransPro 200

Keeps adjustments intact, and gains time and productivity transporting two mowers at once

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