Toro irrigation New Toro irrigation brings efficiencies to Barton-on-Sea
Spring 2024

Saving in efficiencies for Barton

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A new Toro irrigation system is allowing Barton-on-Sea Golf Club to take control of Mother Nature and as a result it’s seeing huge savings in efficiencies.

Situated on the coastal cliff on the south coast between Christchurch in Dorset and Lymington in Hampshire, Barton-on-Sea Golf Club is a true links course in a windy and exposed location, which means an efficient irrigation system is vital to help control the elements and safeguard the course against Mother Nature.

Our job is to protect the grass against the damaging and drying salt winds. We needed an irrigation solution which would allow us to pinpoint coverage, apply product to specific areas and water it in and be more efficient with our water application.

Jon Worrall Course Manager, Barton-on-Sea

Thanks to a new Toro Irrigation system, Barton-on-Sea Golf Club is seeing huge savings in efficiencies.

The efficiency of the system, which is a Toro Lynx Central Control System, Infinity sprinklers on the greens, approaches and fairways, B Series on the tees and all new pipework across the 27 hole course, was noticeable to Jon and the team straight away: “Previously it was taking us seven to eight hours a night to water the greens, tees and approaches, now it takes us one hour.”

Toro’s Lynx irrigation control system software provides greenkeepers with all the information they need to better manage their water and resources.

Jon praises the Infinity sprinklers, of which he has 1245, as being “particularly good for our location because of their unique ability to keep their arc in the wind and keep the water going where it needs to. We couldn’t find any other sprinklers that could do that.”

For the first time, Barton-on-Sea Golf Club opted for full course coverage with its irrigation system.

And that’s something Jon confirms was happening at Barton-on-Sea: “We don’t mind the fairways brown but we want them alive! So we had the irrigation extended, it was only an extra 15 percent cost to do this which is money well spent to keep them healthy and maintain the traditional links effect. With it we basically do what the weather used to do for us and put a thunderstorm’s worth of water down once a week. That does the job.” 

The results from the new irrigation have been noticeable to all, especially the 1150 members, says Jon: “Previously it was too stressful and damaging to cut the grass across the course too low, but with the new system and the grass healthier and stronger we’ve been able to make some significant reductions in cutting heights.

We were having to cut tees and approaches at 12mm, now we can cut at half that. Fairways are down 4mm to 14mm and greens are finally at 3mm. The members are delighted with the improvements in presentation and play with these drops in cut.

Jon Worrall Course Manager, Barton-on-Sea

The efficiencies don’t end there, Jon confirms his use of herbicides, wetting agents and turf feed is going further: “There’s far less wastage,” he says. “It’s hard to think of an area where this system hasn’t made us more efficient.”

With its new irrigation system, the club has been able to reduce cutting heights and improve course presentation and play.