Machine focus Toro Workman MDX Lithium
Spring 2024

Machine focus: Toro Workman MDX Lithium

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For decades, the Toro Workman line-up has set the standard for tough and hard-working utility vehicles. And the Workman MDX Lithium is no different. It delivers the same strength and durability you’ve always relied on with all the benefits of lithium-ion battery technology.

Powered by Toro HyperCell batteries, the proprietary, patent-pending lithium-ion technology, the MDX Lithium matches the payload capacity, trailer towing capacity and comfortable ride that greenkeepers have come to know in the diesel-powered Workman MDX.

The batteries are optimised to deliver exceptional continuous runtime with a distributed Battery Management System (BMS) that improves battery performance for optimum reliability and longevity, meaning your utility vehicle can run as long as your team.

And there’s no need to keep track of a charger – it’s already onboard. At the end of a long workday, the onboard charger conveniently plugs into a standard 120v wall outlet and fully charges the vehicle overnight.

The Toro Workman MDX lithium is the battery powered version of the customer favourite diesel mid-sized utility vehicle. It delivers the same payload, trailer towing capacity and comfort the original Workman MDX is known for but in a new and sustainable package.

Jon Cole of Reesink Turfcare
Jon Cole Divisional Business Manager, Reesink Turfcare

An extended front frame provides additional leg room to enhance ride quality and there’s a coil-over shock absorber suspension, combining to make working with the MDX Lithium easier. And with the highest total payload capacities in its class and commercial-grade durability, the productivity of this machine can be relied on for years to come.

The Toro Workman MDX Lithium takes a utility vehicle that has been trusted by greenskeepers and course managers for more than 20 years and brings it into the age of electrification



Battery: Toro HyperCell

Charger: On-board high efficiency 1200W smart charger.

Ground Clearance: Front 10ins (25.4cm), rear 7ins (18cm)

Ground Speed: Forward 16mph (25.75kph) standard, adjustable from 5-19mph (8-30.5kph)

Height cab installed: 79.2ins (201.1cm), canopy installed 79.5ins (201.9cm)

Product Length: 121.1ins (307.5cm)

Towing Capacity: 400lbs (182kg) trailer 50lbs (23kg) tongue weight with standard hitch 1200lbs (544kg) trailer, 100lbs (45kg) tongue weight with heavy-duty tow hitch

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