Latest news New machinery lease from Reesink proves a big success
Spring 2021

The dream machinery team at Thorpe Hall Golf Club

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Thorpe Hall Golf Club has invested in two brands from Reesink after seeing the benefits both Toro and Nordic Plow could bring to its course.

With a hectare of greens and a course stretching 90 acres in total, it’s no easy feat to keep up excellent turf maintenance at Thorpe Hall Golf Club. And no one knows that better than course manager Chris Wright, who’s been at the club for nearly 19 years.

“I’ve been course manager since 2013 and before that I was deputy course manager, so I definitely know the course and the best ways to maintain it,” explains Chris. “Which is why in 2018 we signed our first Toro lease deal.”

Not only did signing a lease deal bring with it financial benefits, but Toro machinery is built to last.

Chris Wright Course Manager, Thorpe Hall Golf Club

With a comprehensive Toro fleet that includes the Reelmaster 3575-D fairway mower, Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid 3420, Greensmaster TriFlex 3400, Groundsmaster 3500-D Sidewinder, Groundsmaster 4500-D and a Multi Pro 5800-D sprayer, the only thing missing was an efficient and reliable aerator, but it didn’t take Chris long to add that to the shed.

“We decided to go with the Toro ProCore 648 to replace our old aerator in 2019, as well as Core Solutions, the Nordic Plow core collector attachment,” says Chris.

The ProCore is without a doubt the best pedestrian aerator on the market, it contours incredibly well and with three-wheel drive it’s proved to be more versatile.

Chris Wright Course Manager, Thorpe Hall Golf Club

“The Core Solutions core collector was an improvement on our previous attachment, which would always leave us needing to clean up after it. It’s also great value for money and works really well with the ProCore on the greens.”

Designed for both golf courses and sports surfaces, the core collecting blade attachment from Nordic Plow fits perfectly onto all brands and models of aeration equipment and bunker rakes, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to remove cores from a playing surface in minutes.

The Nordic Plow Core Solutions core collector has been designed for golf courses and sports surfaces to help clean up after aeration.

“We’re always making small improvements where we can to the course with our ongoing maintenance,” concludes Chris. “The Toro ProCore and Nordic Plow Core Solutions combined have helped hugely with course maintenance and saved a lot of time, and overall our new machinery lease with Reesink has proved to be a big success.”