Machine focus Machine focus Toro Greensmaster 1026
Spring 2021

Machine focus Toro Greenmaster 1026

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More than living up to the memory of the enduring best-selling Toro Greensmaster 1000 series, the redesigned series is proving itself in the marketplace. Bursting with unique features to improve your experience using it without affecting the exquisite quality of cut, the 26-inch Toro Greensmaster 1026 we look at here is new from the tip of its handle to its driveline and chassis. All that remains the same are the patented DPA cutting units, but even that has a modular build to allow the driveline and chassis to be removable for eased servicing.

This range of fixed-head walk-behinds has been re-engineered to eliminate cutting variability by allowing greenkeeping teams to simply adjust the innovative telescoping loop handle and isolation mounts to deliver the most consistent quality of cut. It is, without a doubt, the standout feature among many. It means all heights and skill levels can be comfortably accommodated.

That seamless transition from one operator to the next or, if you have the Greensmaster 1021 for the greens and the Greensmaster 1026 for the tees for example, the time-saving aspects of moving from mowing one area to the next is a real bonus.

And that’s not the only thing that’s quicker, now it only takes minutes to replace an entire cutting unit or engine assembly, while the modular design allows for easy repair and replacement of key components. Each unit’s ability to backlap directly using the transport wheels means the entire maintenance process is streamlined.

Setting the mower to suit the individual demands of one operator took perhaps a minute. When swapping to another user, adjusting the handle to how they like it would take moments. Details like this matter.

James de Havilland Independent Machinery Tester


Engine: Heavy-duty 3.5hp (2.6kw) Honda petrol engine at 3600rpm, with integral lighting coil

Drive system: Dual position traction drum with positions for contour following or forward weight bias at higher heights of cut

Transport speed: 5.3mph (8.5kmph)

Mowing speed: 2.0–3.5mph (3.2–5.6kmph)

Height of cut: Choice of cutting units (8, 11 and 14-blade) to accommodate different cutting heights

Cutting width: 26 inches (66cms)

Cutting unit: Detachable cutting unit allows easy removal for service/maintenance

Handle: New telescoping loop handle can be easily adjusted to comfortably accommodate operators of all heights and skill levels. Handle isolation mounts give the cutting unit constant contact with the ground throughout the mowing process