Toro ProCore SR54-S

  • 2.5-4ins (64-102mm) Hole spacing
  • 36,000 sq ft/hr Productivity

Technical Specs

Toro ProCore SR54-S

Compact and lightweight, the Toro SR54-S offers the smooth, superior punching power of the SR54 with the ability to follow undulations.

Balanced on two rollers for less ground pressure, the dual roller design in the ‘S’ model features fixed tine depths and comes as standard with a spring-loaded manual top link for superior ground following.


  • 54ins (137.2cm) aeration width
  • Up to 10ins (25.4cm) depth capacity
  • Depth control from the tractor
  • Equally balanced on two rollers
  • Dual chain drive
  • Follows undulations

Superior punching power with the ability to follow undulations

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