AgriMetal Multi Vac collector

  • From 50hp Tractor attachment
  • 72ins Vacuum nozzle

AgriMetal Multi Vac

The AgriMetal Multi Vac collector attachment is pulled and powered by any 50hp or higher tractor and delivers great holding capacity. Its impeller RPM is reduced for a quieter operating level, making it perfect for use in applications where minimal noise pollution is important. Two rotary blades turn at high speed to shred leaves and branches, while a third rotary blade, located inside the pick-up head throat, prevents clogging and greatly increases the volume of debris packed into the hopper.

Engineered better, that’s AgriMetal’s tough-designed debris blowers and collectors summed up. High cubic feet per minute output, turf-sensitive design, lightweight aluminium impeller for welcomed quieter use on course and can operate on tarmac, too. Just better in every way.


  • High cubic feet per minute output
  • Ideal for large-volume debris applications
  • 72″ vacuum nozzle and hydraulic pick-up
  • Large capacity impeller
  • 7 cubic yard hopper with hydraulic tip
  • Optional 16ft wander hose kit available
  • Impeller RPM reduced for quieter operating level
  • Suitable for tractors with 50hp or more at PTO

Impeller RPM reduced for use in applications where minimal noise pollution is important

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