AgriMetal B35 blower

  • From 35hp Tractor use
  • 180 degrees hydraulic Deflector kit

AgriMetal B35 blower

Part of the low-decibel series of tractor-drawn blowers, the AgriMetal B35 has been designed for maximum productivity for easy maintenance, proving a worthy addition to golf courses and sports grounds. Requiring 35hp at the PTO, the large roller on which the blower rides lets you work in tough conditions without marking or compacting the turf, especially on turns.

Engineered better, that’s AgriMetal’s tough-designed debris blowers and collectors summed up. High cubic feet per minute output, turf-sensitive design, lightweight aluminium impeller for welcomed quieter use on course and can operate on tarmac, too. Just better in every way.


  • Ideal for golf and sports applications
  • Optional castor wheel kit for hard surfaces
  • 180 degrees hydraulic deflector kit
  • Effective results
  • No marking or compacting turf, especially on turns
  • Suitable for tractors with 35hp or more at PTO

Low decibel series of tractor-drawn blowers

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