Machine focus Greensmaster e1021 pedestrian mower
Spring 2022

Greensmaster e1021 pedestrian mower

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Toro is at it again. Taking an industry favourite, keeping the essence of what makes it popular, but moving it along with the times. The latest case in point is the all-electric fixed-head Greensmaster e1021 pedestrian mower.

The latest addition in the brand’s line-up of all-electric mowers, takes the greensmaster – a name that’s synonymous with excellence – and adds to it an advanced lithium-ion battery.

Making it ready for now and the future, this technology – for which Toro is renowned – ensures a long operation time, high productivity and reduced operating costs. And you can get an early start, too, because the quiet operation lets you work anytime even in areas with noise restrictions or regulations.

It can mow up to 35,000 square feet (over 3,000 square metres) of turf on a single charge and a convenient LCD screen gives an instant view of the ongoing battery charge status.

The LCD screen indicates advanced diagnostics, machine parameters and even initiate backlapping. All settings are only a few quick finger taps away and allow for much better organisation, so that your team can focus on what’s important: the mowing.

In addition to the technological advances, what remains the same is the superior cutting quality and its ease of use. It features Toro’s proven DPA cutting units and a 21-inch cutting width for a perfect combination of cutting performance, easy manoeuvrability and productivity.

The all-electric Toro Greensmaster e1021 is among the quietest and most efficient pedestrian greensmowers on the market today.

Alastair Rowell UK Sales Manager, Reesink UK


Battery: 50.4-Volt 26.7 A-Hr lithium-ion battery pack

Drive system: Dual-position traction drum with positions for contour following or forward weight bias at higher heights of cut. Tapered traction drum for improved after cut appearance

Transport speed: 5.3mph (8.5km/h)

Width of cut: 21ins (53.3cm)

Cutting units: Proven Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – 8, 11 or 14-blade options, featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries cylinders

Transmission: Permanent Magnet DC motor directly coupled to a fully gear-driven transmission with integral traction differential and traction disconnect to ease movement during service/maintenance operations. Interchangeable drum drive gear cases

Weight: 240lbs (109kg) with 11-blade cutting units and aluminium Wiehle roller

Warranty: Four-year warranty on lithium-ion battery


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