Irrigation solutions Reesink's technical training part and parcel of choosing Toro
Spring 2022

Did you know you get access to technicians?

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Did you know, that for as long as you have a Toro irrigation system you have access to Reesink’s fully-trained, experienced irrigation technicians? Reesink understands the responsibility that comes with an irrigation system, it’s a huge investment to make and needs to be right for the next few decades. With that in mind, reesink has in place a technical support system for new and existing toro customers which is second-to-none.

Peter Newton, commercial and golf irrigation sales representative, Reesink Turfcare

Here Peter Newton, commercial and golf irrigation sales representative at Reesink, explains how Reesink’s Toro trained engineers are heavily involved with a new system install assisting and advising along the way and ready to give training whenever that may be. Site visits and detailed reports are carried out by expert engineers with no additional cost; it’s part and parcel of choosing Toro.

There is limited industry irrigation training or courses you can go on so Reesink has set up a team to provide Toro customers with direct access for advice, answers and support.

Peter Newton Commercial and Golf Irrigation Sales Representative, Reesink Turfcare

“We support new and old installers with expert training making sure everyone is up to date with specifications and all our product ranges. Regular visits are made even after the system is fully operational, we are there to help for as long as the customer has a Toro system. We’ve had customers get in touch for the first time when their system is 15 years-old and ask for advice.

We believe it’s incredibly important to provide proper education on how to use and maintain a Toro irrigation system, as it means customers get the most from their system and it performs to the best of its capabilities. Having a Toro system brings huge benefits to your course or pitch, and we make sure that the customer’s setup takes full advantage of them. We’re completely dedicated to providing as much support as needed, so customers can be sure they’re utilising the technology at their fingertips to the best of its advantage.”

Knowing the system’s capabilities and what you can and can’t do is useful knowledge to have and means you get the most out of your investment.

With an irrigation system fundamental to growing and maintaining turf, having the tools and resources to ensure a system operates efficiently and effectively can make all the difference to the quality of your playing surfaces. Without the training and support for such a complex piece of technology you’re never going to get the best out of it. Knowing its capabilities and what you can and can’t do is useful knowledge to have and means you get the most out of your investment.

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