Sports Metals Pedestrian Mower Extracut Brush

  • In less than 2 minutes Fits
  • Soft, medium, medium-stiff or stiff Bristles

Walk-behind extracut-brush

The Extracut brush for Toro pedestrian walk-behind mowers, from Sports Metals. A dedicated and specially designed brush with selected bristles to match pedestrian mowing maintenance needs across golf, sports and landscaped lawns.

Certain Extracut brushes fit certain Toro machines, as follows: Model SM1000ECB / SM1021ECB fits the Toro 1000 and 1021
Model SM1600ECB / SM1026ECB fits the Toro 1600 and 1026
Model SM21ECB / SM2120ECB fits Toro Flex 21 and 2120

The Extracut brush is made from steel and deliberately built using few parts, keeping the brush light and means assembly and fitting is easy.


  • Selected bristles for walk-behinds
  • Fits Toro Greenmaster 1000, 1021, 1026, 1600, and Flex 21 and Flex 2120
  • Lightweight design
  • Choice of soft, medium, medium-stiff and stiff bristles
  • Fitting in less than 2 minutes
  • Made from steel

A great choice of soft, medium, medium-stiff and stiff bristles

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