Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

  • 53.3cm (21ins) Cutting width
  • 11 or 14 blade Blades

Technical Specs

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Bringing a level of consistency to pedestrian mowing is Toro’s new Greensmaster 1021 with patent-pending features to improve the operator’s experience without affecting the quality of cut.

Part of a series of fixed-head pedestrian greens mowers, the most significant design development comes from the new telescoping loop handle which can be easily adjusted to comfortably accommodate operators of all heights and skill levels, while handle isolation mounts give the cutting unit constant contact with the ground throughout the mowing process.


Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Proven Honda® GX 120 engine

3.5hp (at 3600 RPM) Honda engine with ample power for cutting and accessorising.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Durable gear drive transmission

Provides long life and best-in-class transmission durability. Lubricated for life with no grease points.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

EdgeSeries™ blades

Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries blades combine to deliver a consistent, high-quality cut and superior after cut appearance, while reducing maintenance with improved cylinder edge retention.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Conversion from greens to tees

The innovative swing axle design can quickly convert the machine from a greens to a tee mower by keeping the bedknife cutting edge in an optimal position for the respective cutting height and the handle location in the correct ergonomic position.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Hi-lo clip rate knob

An easy-to-reach hi-lo clip rate knob allows the clip frequency to easily be changed in the field. Additional clip rate settings are available using a simple gear change process for even more fine-tuning of the cut quality if needed.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Easy-reach adjustable throttle

All operator controls are within easy reach to perfect the mowing process, improve cut consistency and enhance control – in normal and tight turn-around situations.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Traction release lever

Disengage the traction with a simple lever twist. Getting around the shop has never been easier!

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Proven flex suspension (patented)

Superior contour following capability utilises an integrated “Flex” linkage system to allow cutting units to pivot around the centre of the front roller, mastering undulations and preventing side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Dual function bail

A single bail combines safety and ease-of-operation, while convenient operation allows the mower to slow down or come to a full stop during turn-arounds – all without disengaging traction to line up for the next mowing pass. The feature also proves ideal when using turn-around mats to preserve collar health.

Toro Greensmaster Flex 1021

Telescoping handle

Engineered to accommodate operators of different heights to make mowing in a natural upright position easy. This ergonomic feature leads to less fatigue, higher productivity and a superior cut, with the option to adjust to 5 distinct handle positions.

Guaranteed perfect quality of cut every time

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