Toro Greensmaster eFlex 1021

  • Lithium-ion battery Power
  • Up to 3.5mph Ground speed

Technical Specs

Toro Greensmaster eFlex 1021

Mow. Charge. Repeat.

Extremely quiet with no engine exhaust emissions, the all-electric Toro Greensmaster eFlex 1021 is built with a patented Flex suspension allowing the cutting unit to hug the contours of the green for that exquisite Toro cut. The eFlex offers a 21ins cutting width and is among the quietest and most efficient pedestrian greensmowers on the market today mowing 35,000 sq ft on a single charge.


  • Flexible head mowing
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery technology
  • Proven DPA cutting units
  • Extremely quiet with no emissions
  • Multiple easy-to-configure clip rate settings
  • Excellent balance for superior tracking and easy manoeuvring in turns
  • Flex suspension hugs the contours
  • Mows 44,000 sq ft on a single charge
Toro Greensmaster eFlex 1021

Mow. Charge. Repeat. With the greensmower on a whole new level altogether

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