Bio-Circle For Clean V

Bio-Circle For Clean V

Bio-Circle cleaning solution, For Clean V, the latest spray system for quick removal of common residues.

Choose the For Clean V spray solution for cleaning stainless steel, steel, tiles, plastic, wood and varnished surfaces. Sustainably cleans away materials such as iron, grease, oil, release agents, abraded material, grinding dust, machining residues such as glued-on dust, fingerprints, etc. It’s 5-star cleaning from Bio-Circle.


  • Safe / label-free
  • Cost-efficient / miscible with water up to 1:5
  • Sustainable with 100 % easily biodegradable ingredients
  • Removes soiling from grease and fingerprints
  • Cleans surfaces such as stainless steel, lacquered wood, plastic and varnish
  • Slightly viscous, foaming
  • Unrestricted working, also overhead
  • Optimal for vertical surfaces

Removal of strong contaminations, such as oils, greases, waxes, resins, nicotine, flyspeck, and food residues

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