Toro cylinders

  • Quality Precision engineered
  • Durability Toughest materials

Toro cylinders

Toro invests in technology to ensure each cylinder manufactured meets specific application and equipment specifications for more than a perfect finish. 

Many will-fit manufacturers supply cylinders that can make tall grass shorter, but don’t account for the after-cut appearance and quality of cut. That means the plant’s health is at risk and that can result in your turf’s after-cut appearance looking below standard. Toro prides itself on the quality of its cylinders, the job they perform and the time they save for the operators. 


  • Balance perfectly with genuine Toro bedknives for a perfect fit
  • Give you the best precision after-cut appearance possible
  • Deliver efficient mowing operation, reduced servicing and longer life
  • Produce the cleanest cut, promoting healthier turf
  • Superior performance, allowing a cleaner cut for healthier turf
  • Are available in five sizes: 5, 7, 8, 11 and 14-blade configurations.
  • Available for Toro Greensmaster and Reelmaster mowers
  • Delivered within 24-hours

Toro Reels+

Reels+ replacement cylinders give you more with bearings, flock seals and spacers preinstalled to make fitting a cinch. Available for Toro’s Greensmaster and Reelmaster mowers, Reels+ reduce fit time by up to 20 minutes per cylinder, have a longer life and need less maintenance. All that while also retaining their legendary quality of cut. That’s more than just a plus.

Reels+ cylinders

Include professionally installed bearings, flock seals and spacers

No need to buy individual parts at an extra cost

Saves approximately 15-20 minutes per cylinder installation

All professionally assembled at the factory using genuine Toro parts

Fully integrated unit means less time and labour costs, saving money

Delivers the same exceptional quality of cut

Technology ensures each cylinder manufactured meets specific application and equipment specifications

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