Recovery Tine


Genuine Toro Tines

Tines give you more. More choice, more performance and now even more value. 

With over 150 tines available to cover all possible applications and the ability to fit all major brands, as well as Toro machines, you’re guaranteed the perfect fit for better aeration.

Good aeration is vital to the health and presentation of your turf, so don’t compromise with inferior quality tines. Genuine Toro Tines are designed for performance, durability and longevity, lasting longer than ‘will-fit’ tines. They also maintain consistent aeration depths, leaving pure holes for the best aeration techniques, resulting in a quicker return to play, time and time again. 

Made with heat treated alloy, Titan Tines last up to four times longer than standard tines meaning less replacements and change-outs for greater productivity. Durable tungsten carbide tips produce superior, consistent holes for faster turf recovery and a speedier return to play. Buy smarter with genuine Toro parts and get much, much more for your money.  

Toro tines, genuinely better for recovery time.

24 hour delivery*

*We operate on a 24 hour basis where possible.

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