Toro blades

  • Quality Precision engineered
  • Durability Toughest materials

Toro blades

Superior mowers demand superior blades. 

Just like your Toro mower is no ordinary machine, Toro blades are not ordinary blades. Toro precisely engineers its blades to fit the cutting deck perfectly. 

All Toro blades have sharpened cutting edges at both ends and a sail area that’s curved up to create airflow. Depending on the purpose of your mower and the design of the cutting deck, the blade sail will adjust to create more powerful airflows. These varying airflows will whip the grass blades upright to expose them to the cutting edge of the blade for a clean cut, then send the cut grass neatly out the discharge.

Whether the grass is long, short, coarse or fine, Toro blades work better, harder and longer. 


  • Balanced perfectly for a perfect fit
  • Give you the best precision after-cut appearance possible
  • Efficient mowing operation, reduced servicing and long life
  • Produce the cleanest cut, promoting healthier turf
  • Multiple blade choices for multiple applications
  • Superior performance, allowing a cleaner cut for healthier turf
  • Available for Toro’s Greensmaster and Reelmaster
  • Delivered within 24-hours
  • Sharpened cutting edges and curved sail areas for perfect airflow
  • Rigorously tested for exceptional hardness
toro blade

Toro Tempest flails

Using an ordinary flail blade in a Toro mower can cause unexpected wear and breakage to your machine, while leaving your grass frayed and unhealthy. Outfit your machine with the proper Toro blade and get the beautifully clean, healthy cut your turf deserves.

Tempest flails

Perfectly matched with Toro’s LTF-3000 triple flail mower for unrivalled performance.

Advanced blade design leaves a clean cut and even clippings dispersal for a great after-cut finish.

Easy and safe blade maintenance when sharpening or replacing.

Multiple blade choices for multiple applications – from thick grass and heavy mowing to high-performance mulching

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