Fit Toro EdgeMax bedknives


Genuine Toro Bedknives

A shortcut to longer performance. 


EdgeMax bedknives (bottom blades)

Manufactured from solid, hardened steel, Toro EdgeMax bedknives give up to 3 times longer edge retention than a standard fairway bedknife and twice as long for greens. Using genuine Toro parts also creates a perfect fit with Toro cylinders, and reduces maintenance time, backlapping and grinding by up to 50%. EdgeMax, gives you more of an edge for longer.


Toro EdgeMax bedknives:

  • Are manufactured from solid hardened tool steel to give you the finest precision after-cut appearance 
  • Provide up to three times longer edge retention than a standard fairway bedknife and twice as long for greens 
  • Precision engineered mounting holes for a consistent depth on every hole 
  • Balance perfectly with genuine Toro cylinders for a perfect fit
  • Deliver 50% less maintenance time on adjustments, backlapping and grinding


Toro bedknives

True fit. True cut. For a truly perfect cut there is only one answer: a set of genuine Toro bedknives. 

Toro applies absolute focus on the physical characteristics of every bedknife, including the flatness and the true position of chamfered mounting holes. How these features work together is essential to your bedknife performing properly. 


With genuine Toro bedknives you get:

  • Superior performance in form, fit and function of bedknife parts
  • True flatness of the knife, extending its life and maximising quality of cut
  • True positions and true chamfer on mounting holes for fewer adjustments
  • The superior quality of cut you expect from Toro


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