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TM System Scarifier


TM System Scarifier

ATT's TM System grooming cassette, the Scarifier, adds more productivity to your existing mower or fleet, meaning one machine can do multiple maintenance tasks.

Where thatch at depth already exists, the Scarifier cassette is ideal. The 5-bladed 1.6mm heavy-duty blades, spaced at 40mm, work at a depth of up to 14mm. The brush spacers ensure thorough clean-up and effective throwing of the thatch into the grass catchers. And consecutive use in multiple directions will result in minimal surface disruption.

Universal fit cassettes

Engineered to adapt to most models, these cassettes are ideal for most applications, including golf course maintenance, sports stadiums and training pitches, to college and university grounds. With their easy-to-install design, universal fit and delivering great results, they elevate your fleet's productivity further.

  • Ideal for golf and sports applications
  • Ideal for where deep thatch already exists
  • 5-bladed 1.6mm heavy-duty blades
  • Work up to 14mm depth
  • Thorough clean-up and dispensing
  • Universal fit
  • Effective results
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