Toro Reelmaster 5410-D

  • Yanmar Engine type
  • 5ins (12.7cm) DPA Cutting units

Technical Specs

Toro Reelmaster 5410-D

After years of satisfying customers, the Toro Reelmaster 5410-D has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional performance, maximum productivity and high quality up and down the fairways. Stage 5 compliant, the Reelmaster 5410-D, is ideal for links and finer fairway applications with 5 inch diameter cylinders where a tighter cut may be needed pass after pass and year after year.

Smart Power automatically adjusts the mower’s ground speed for the terrain and cutting conditions to protect the electric cylinder drive components and maintain the desired cylinder speed, taking the guesswork out of a consistent cut.

Electronic cruise control allows the operator to easily keep a consistent speed and reduce fatigue while mowing large areas.


  • Powerful Yanmar 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled
  • Stage 5 compliant
  • 5ins diameter cylinders
  • Exceptional durability and high performance
  • Precise monitoring and control
  • Onboard InfoCenter allows setting changes
  • Ideal for links and finer fairway applications
  • Less weight and turf compaction

DPA cutting units to deliver an exceptional quality-of-cut and after-cut appearance

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