Trust Toro Genuine Parts When It’s Time to Work Again

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Grounds teams across the nation are likely working at a reduced rate due to the focus on essential services, but grass growth stops for no one. When maintenance routines return to normal, make sure your cylinder mowers are ready for the challenge with genuine Toro bottom blades.

Toro parts UK distributor Reesink Turfcare has some advice for grounds teams preparing their machines for work – choose your bottom blades carefully. Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink, says: “Bottom blades can be an area where buyers decide to cut corners, choosing an inferior, spurious part in order to save money, but that doesn’t make long-term sense when you have a Toro machine and short-term that could be even worse.

“You need to be sure your machine can go out there and deal with potentially months of uncut grass effectively, with ease, delivering the best possible finish when there’s lots to do and you don’t want to be relying on ‘will fit’ parts for that.”

Well-maintained bottom blades are vital in producing a quality cut and genuine Toro bottom blades are the best there are, outperforming ‘will fit’ inferior quality parts. Research at Toro headquarters in America proves this point. In tests focused on many physical characteristics, in particular the flatness of the blade and positioning of the chamfered mounting holes, results showed that unbranded bottom blades failed in over 50 percent of Toro’s quality specification standards. 

Michael continues: “Grounds fleets will be put through their paces when the time comes to start cutting more areas, or more frequently, again. Not only will it be high season but there’s likely a lot of backlog to deal with. The last thing the team needs are delays dealing with worn, damaged or blunted bottom blades or wasted time waiting for replacement parts.”

Reesink is still open for business and teams in our service centres, warehouses and across our supply chain are working tirelessly to deliver parts for our customers.

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