Toro’s Titan Tines: The Perfect Fit for Better Aeration

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With over 150 Toro Titan tines available to cover all possible aeration applications, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit for better aeration. And with 10 percent off the tines range from distributor Reesink Turfcare for the whole of March, superior parts are now available for even less.

Although courses are currently shut, there are no limitations for maintenance activities and, as before, lockdown affords the opportunity to prepare for the season ahead and make any necessary course improvements. Machinery maintenance is a vital part of that and ensuring no delays to the machinery fleet is Toro Parts and in particular Toro’s Titan Tines.

Toro Titan tines, a perfect fit isn’t just reserved for Toro machines. With Toro conversion sleeves, Toro Tines can fit on the majority of equipment from competitor brands, as well as current and late model Toro aerators. The conversion sleeve slides onto a 9.5mm mount Toro tine to create a 12.7mm or 15.9 mm mount. So, whether you’ll be coring, slicing or spiking, hollow, solid or deep tining, no matter what machine you use, there’s a Titan tine for every need.

Michael Hampton, turfcare parts manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: “At Reesink we’re dedicated to providing our customers more, which is why our entire Toro tines range is available throughout March with 10 percent off. Not only does this mean a saving on the initial purchase price, but customers will see savings in the long term too. The durable design of Toro Titan tines mean they last longer and reduce costly change-out and associated downtime, and with Toro’s conversion sleeves, all customers can benefit from the superior quality of Toro Titan tines, no matter what brand they have in the shed.”

With a tough design that includes hard-wearing brazed tip joints for in-built resistance to separation and breakage, Toro Titan tines guarantee more longevity, more productivity, more strength, more play and more reliability too.

To ensure turfcare machinery is working at its best and delivering the best possible results, it’s vital to have high quality parts made to fit your equipment. Ensuring worn down or old parts are replaced with high-quality new parts is a cost-effective solution to reduce downtime and maintain high standards.

Don’t make 2021 any more difficult than it is turning out to be, stock up on Toro tines in March for 10 percent off and have one less thing to worry about. Customers can get in touch with their local genuine Toro parts dealer or service centre or call Reesink Turfcare on 01480 226800.