Toro’s Internet of Turf

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Leading the way with technological innovation in the golf and groundscare industry, Toro’s Internet of Turf represents the future of turfcare. 

Toro’s Internet of Turf brings together five of Toro’s key technological products and services which when connected online help reduce operating costs, enhance safety and produce the best quality playing surfaces possible. 

Combining Lynx central control system, Turf Guard wireless soil management system, GeoLink precision spray system, myTurf Pro asset management system and NSN technical support, the Internet of Turf brings together for the first time accurate information on all aspects of turfcare management from one access point. 

Robert Jackson, water division sales manager from Reesink Turfcare, sole Toro distributor in the UK for golf and sports fields equipment and irrigation products, says: “Technology is helping turfcare businesses to better manage resources and helping workers to complete tasks faster. Using technology and connecting certain elements of turfcare management online can help turfcare professionals maintain the perfect playing conditions every day by providing actionable data to help optimise turf management decisions.”

Irrigation application with the Lynx central control system allows access in real time from any mobile device to accurate irrigation information. The touch of a button is all it takes to change your irrigation plan, and with additional extras such as the weather station, you can adapt in response to changes in the weather, from wherever you are. 

Turf and soil monitoring are made easy with Toro’s Turf Guard wireless soil monitoring system. Accurately monitoring soil condition including moisture, temperature and salinity levels, turf managers can access the essential soil information they need, when they need it, to maintain optimum soil and plant health. 

Accurate application of fertilisers and pesticides is another key factor for soil health. Whether to deliver essential nutrients or to protect turf from diseases, ensuring uniform coverage and the correct volume of application is vital, and Toro’s GeoLink precision spray system helps you to achieve this by utilising pinpoint GPS technology to help guide operators.  

The Internet of Turf enables turf managers to bring together irrigation and machinery to gain a comprehensive overview of all the elements of their role. And when it comes to the core elements of turfcare management, having cutting-edge technology will help improve profitability and playability, something that is certainly true when it comes to the management of turfcare machinery. 

Toro’s web-based asset management system, myTurf Pro gives turf managers the capability to monitor fleet health, order parts and schedule service activities, helping to improve staff efficiency, lengthen the life of equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs. 

And wrapping up the five technologies is NSN technical support. Toro’s web-based customer portal provides a knowledge-sharing database, online chat and remote central connectivity and monitoring, meaning support is there whenever you need it.

Robert concludes: “By delivering connected information on one platform, Toro’s Internet of Turf brings easy access to all aspects of turfcare. Showing how it all comes together and enabling decisions to be made that maximise the performance of the crew, the equipment and the turf. Toro’s Internet of Turf gets rid of the need to manually wade through data and instead brings turf management into the future, giving you more time to get the tough jobs done.”