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Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System


Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System

Turf Guard is a wireless soil monitoring system that effortlessly improves turf, soil, and water efficiency. Turf Guard sensors monitor moisture and temperature in the playing surface, helping retain optimum conditions for the surface and root zone.

Each sensor accurately measures moisture, temperature and salinity levels of your soil at two depths, in real time. That data is then collected and compiled into easy-to-view and understand tables, graphs and dashboards, and can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer by connecting to the system’s web-based interface.

No wires between the repeaters and the sensors, or the sensor and the probes means that sensors can be installed anywhere on the course without disrupting play. 



  • Reduce water usage and improve playability
  • Monitor moisture levels and adjust irrigation without risking turf quality
  • Promote root growth by avoiding over watering
  • Detect dry areas before they impact the turf's health
  • 100% wireless network
  • Install sensors without having to trench or pull wires
  • Take the guesswork out of managing salinity
  • Track salt build-up and schedule flushing as needed
  • Get positive confirmation that your flushing reduced soil salts
  • Know when and how much water to flush with
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