Seven Otterbines For Staples Farms

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Staples Farms, a 70-year-old family-owned farming business in Lincolnshire, has chosen an Otterbine aerator for the seventh time to keep its reservoirs’ water quality to the highest standards. 

Opting for the high volume aerator again, the brand’s most powerful surface spray aerator available, it joins six others, purchased from Panks Engineering, in one of the farm’s three reservoirs. The purpose for the Otterbines is to ensure quality water for the irrigation of the soil and vegetables, which are grown for the nation’s supermarket chains in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

It all began when family member Bob Staples who runs Bob Staples Electricals was asked to find a way to maintain the oxygenation levels at the high standard the farm is known for. He did extensive research and “went with his instincts”, purchasing the high volume aerator from Otterbine.

Bob explains: “I’d never got involved with water aeration before Otterbine, but when Staples Farms asked for my help with keeping their water quality at the desired level, I was inclined to help. I did some research into the market and Otterbine came up and we’ve been very pleased with the product and its performance. 

“The high volumes are the perfect tool for the job. They’ve been easy to install and done exactly what we wanted them to. The dissolved oxygen rate has improved significantly and as a result we can continue to provide the high-quality products our customers are used to.”

Steve Mason from Panks Engineering comments: “Panks has been around since 1842 and we are experts in abstracting, pumping and treating water. We have been very happy to assist Staples Vegetables in improving the quality of its water.”

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