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Water quality is a critical factor in the successful management of any golf course, park, commercial or residential property and poorly managed water will have a negative impact on the quality of the environment, irrigation systems, turf and the aesthetic value of the landscape. And this is where Otterbine steps in, delivering you a solution for improving water quality and adding beauty as well as function to your lake, pond or reservoir.

Water is one of the most precious of our recyclable resources and a source of natural beauty and recreation. The sight and sound of it is a welcome addition to the environment, but without due care and attention lakes, ponds and reservoirs can quite often end up being more murky than magical.

For almost 40 years Otterbine has led the market bringing high quality aeration systems, aerating fountains and underwater lighting to its customers. Rigorous performance and safety testing ensures delivery of high quality, efficient and reliable products to market, which are supported with the strongest, most inclusive warranties.

Surface spray systems

Surface systems provide the best aeration and vertical circulation in lakes less than 15 feet deep. Mixing surface and bottom waters, they break-up the thermal stratification, while creating convection patterns that break-up mats and clumps of algae and discourage mosquitos from breeding.

Horizontal aspirators

Horizontal aspirators are ideal for lakes ranging from three to 12 feet in depth that will benefit from a strong directional flow. These aspirators create artificial currents in irregular shaped ponds and lakes, breaking up algae mats in stagnant waters. They are chosen when no spray pattern is desired.

Air diffusion systems

Onshore air compressors pump air to diffuser manifolds at the bottom of the pond or lake. Most effective in waters with depths greater than 15 feet, they can also work in waters as shallow as four feet. In general, any bottom diffuser loses roughly 50 percent of its aeration and mixing capacity for every three foot increment of depth shallower than 15 feet.

Useful Information

Increase your understanding of the problems that lead to water quality issues.

That way you’ll be better able to develop a balanced management and prevention programme for your lakes and ponds. Read up on the key symptoms to look out for on the tab below or book a specialist to inspect your lake or pond.

Use this checklist for spotting troublesome signs

Public health risk from foul water containing faecal coliform and blue/algae. Once reported, lake can be quickly closed to the public.

Caused by anaerobic bacteria, which, because they contain no dissolved oxygen, produce methane and hydrogen sulphide.

People like water features, when they stay away from yours it means you have a problem.

A healthy well-maintained lake will attract wild fowl and add to the beauty of the scene.

Ugly and off-putting to visitors. A well-managed lake can expect increasing fish populations and associated wildlife, with very few dead fish.

Reversing the decline and clearing up is costly. Prevention costs much less and frees your budget for other things.

People don't like too many bugs! Insect infestation is dramatically reduced when a lake is well balanced and properly aerated.

You can also request an on-site symptoms’ check with one of our experts by calling Reesink Turfcare on 01480 226800 or clicking the link below.

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For those who need help and support sooner than later

We have a dedicated experts on good management of lakes and ponds who are happy to run through symptoms and best practice with you. Either complete the form below or call us now on 01480 226800.


Professional water aeration systems designed to maintain healthy lakes and ponds preventing the symptoms from occurring that weaken the ecological balance leading to a build up of algae, bad smells and unattractive water bodies.

Aerating Fountains

Surface spray aerators engineered to maintain good water quality while also providing an attractive fountain display. Offering both function and beauty these systems operate in as little as 30in or 75cm of water and all of the spray patterns are interchangeable.

Golf Sector

Sub-surface and surface aeration systems for golf club applications including irrigation reservoirs, feature ponds, water hazards and lakes.

Groundscare Sector

Water aeration systems with optional fountains for applications including corporate headquarters, holiday resorts, and hotel and leisure complexes, providing an inviting water feature for guests and visitors.

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