Reesink Turfcare announce four more Master Service Technicians

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Chris Hester from Cheshire Turf Machinery, Ian Hill from Oliver Landpower, Stuart Barrie from Reesink Scotland and Michael Dixon from Lloyd Limited (Newcastle branch) have completed one of the most stringent and comprehensive training courses in the industry and are now able to offer the highest level of service in the UK.


The Master Service Technician (MST) programme is specifically designed to provide the most thorough training for Authorised Dealer Technicians, ensuring their skillset is updated and meets the demands of the industry’s continuous evolution.


With the rapid development of electric and hybrid technology, it’s important that the skills and knowledge in those areas progress at an equivalent rate so that technicians and dealers can better serve their customers and the Toro product.


Stuart confirms this is very much the case: “As engineers we need to keep up with industry progress and development. We all know about climate change and the move from petrol/diesel to electric power in the car industry. Not so well known is our industry is going through the same changes. This course makes sure all engineers are adequately trained to carry on with day to day repairs and requirements as the changes happen.”


When considering the advantages this will bring for customers, Ian says: “The MST course provides the opportunity to train to a standard that’s not widely available in the industry. In a customer facing role, it’s an advantage to be able to give the best level of support and advice to customers and ensure high standards of service on hybrid and all electric systems.”


Michael agrees: “Completing the MST training has meant that Lloyds as a dealer has also benefitted, receiving better warranty return rates and boosting the dealer standards score. It has not gone unnoticed by the company that my efforts have had a positive impact on the business.”


And it’s not just customers who benefit from Reesink setting the standard and offering this course as Chris explains: “For a start, it’s a huge achievement to pass the interview process and be accepted onto the course; that in itself is a worthy addition to the CV! But most of all, it’s recognition for the dedication and hard work you’ve put into your career and with it being similar to a degree in this sector, it’s a big deal.”


Summing up the benefits having a qualified MST in the business, Sean Trotter, service manager from Lloyds, says: “This training gives the engineer the recognition they deserve for their skill set and abilities. It’s an industry recognised qualification held in high esteem with our customers in the golf industry and brings financial benefits with warranty reimbursement and a contribution towards the training once qualified.”


The course has been set up with further benefits for the qualifying technician too as Michael explains: “There’s a trip to America to get a first hand insight into the goings on of Toro and where it all comes from. For someone who works for a dealer this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and trips like this rarely come around.”


Further courses run throughout the year to keep the technicians up-to-date with evolving products and technologies and with all qualified Master Service Technicians hailing from different dealers, it means there’s a good chance customers across England and Scotland now have access to this higest level of service and support.


But there can never be enough, so for dealers wanting to recognise their technician’s talent and ambition, and for technicians wishing to further their careers, call Reesink on 01480 226800 or go online at