Reesink Hydro-Scapes – water solutions for all locations

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Award-winning distributor Reesink UK has rebranded its established Irrigation division to reflect increasing market diversity and provide water solutions for all locations.

Reesink Hydro-Scapes encapsulates the long established and industry-leading Toro irrigation systems, controllers, sprinklers and soil sensors. But better represents the growing Otterbine pond and lake aerator business; SRC wall-mounted controllers and quick-replace Franklin pump systems too.

The move represents the company’s support to its existing brands and growth strategy for the future says Robert Jackson who heads up the division: “In recent years the range and breadth of water solutions we offer our customers has expanded exponentially and there’s a focus to grow that even further.

“Our customers encompass golf courses to insect farms, football stadiums to living walls and urban landscapes to fishing lakes and fruit growers – any venue which would benefit from water control, delivery, management and expertise. We’ve built our team to six to encompass sales and marketing, support and backup, technical training and customer relations – all with a specialism in supplying and installing effective and efficient water-based solutions.”

Reesink Hydro-Scapes joins the Reesink UK portfolio which includes Reesink Turfcare, Reesink Agriculture and Reesink e-Vehicles. Diversification into new markets with new divisions is a strategy that allows Reesink to positively respond to market developments. As in the case of electric power, sustainable water solutions are a hot topic, very much evident in Reesink’s 100 percent increase in Otterbine sales in 2021, witnessing far greater demand than had been expected, for example.

Robert continues: “Water is a fundamental part of the matrix in the business we’re all in – caring for the landscape – and as a commodity, its value and importance cannot be overlooked. We’re well aware of the future challenges in managing this precious resource in a sustainable way and providing options for our customers. That has been as much of a driver in launching this new division as anything else.”

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