Real Savings with Toro’s Reels+

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Everything you need for replacing your cylinders is included and comes pre-assembled and with the bearings already pressed on with required low-drag flock seals and spacers, you can save approximately 15-20 minutes of installation time per cylinder. 

Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink Turfcare, the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland of Toro Parts, says: “Anytime Toro customers see the plus symbol next to Toro Reels, they know they’re getting a fully-integrated cylinder assembly. Demand in the marketplace and customer feedback has been a key driver behind this product, which allow technicians to streamline their operations.” 

The additional bearings, seals and spacers are sold at a discount from the individual part retail price, making a very real and positive contribution to your business’ bottom line, too.

Michael continues: “This makes a very real saving at the point of purchase, but the savings don’t stop there. Less time and labour means your mowers are back in action faster, saving money and resources.” 

Plus, having all the parts professionally assembled at the factory removes the guesswork for technicians and by ensuring the recommended bearings are utilised increases the product life of the cutting units, as Michael explains: “Toro Reels+ guarantee a fit which matches the exact engineering specifications of the mower. And as you might expect, a perfect fit produces a perfect cut. Spending less time on maintenance and increasing the product life of the cutting units means there’s more time to focus on providing the best turf care possible.”

Make sure your business benefits from the muitiple plus points of easier machinery maintenance with Toro Reels+ and Reesink.