More than a perfect finish

Replace or upgrade with genuine Toro cylinders. And get so much more than a perfect finish.

Toro invests in technology to ensure each cylinder manufactured meets specific application and equipment specifications.

Many will-fit manufactures supply cylinders that can make tall grass shorter, but don’t account for the after-cut appearance and quality of cut. That means the plant's health is at risk and that can result in your turf's after-cut appearance looking below standard. Toro prides itself on the quality of its cylinders, the job they perform and the time they save for the operators.


Only genuine Toro cylinders:

• Balance perfectly with genuine Toro bedknives for a perfect fit

• Give you the best precision after-cut appearance possible

• Deliver efficient mowing operation, reduced maintenance and longer life

• Produce the cleanest cut, promoting healthier turf

• Are available in five sizes: 5, 7, 8, 11 and 14-blade configurations.


The benefits of a genuine service

Second-to-none local support

24 hour delivery service

Comprehensive stock reserve

Trans-Atlantic freight service

Parts manufactured to highest standard

Find out why Toro genuine performance parts guarantee a longer life, healthier turf, better quality of cut and the best after-cut experience


What our customers say

When you sign a five-year agreement to exclusively use one brand for five years, it’s so important
the relationship with the distributor is right. I trust in Reesink and know the support and back-up will
always be there and any problems will be solved immediately.

Head Greenkeeper Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club


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