Ranger for pitch renovations

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With the end of the season soon upon us and the all-important pitch renovations starting, Reesink Hydro-Scapes has just the ticket for uncomplicated, effective and responsible irrigation for the UK’s football pitches. For those clubs who need a simple update and are looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade and improve their irrigation system over time without big hardware changes, a two-wire controller from SRC could be the answer.


Two-wire decoders are rising to become the industry standard. Robert Jackson, division manager for Reesink Hydro-Scapes, considers why: “Resources – water and staff – is limited; the weather’s never been hotter, there’s more to do, teams are smaller and the last thing these clubs need is a big hardware change.”

“Customers value the control and independence a quality two-wire system affords. Two-wire systems started out as a way to save money on wire, but now, through technological improvements, they are recognised and valued as an effective irrigation solution, and their stock is rising.

“Grounds staff know the areas they want irrigating back to front and are happy to key in the time manually around a pitch. They’re aware they may need to expand the system in the future and the capacity of the SRC Ranger Controller 4000 D will afford them what they need.” 

So how easy is it to convert your favourite controller to a two-wire system? In most circumstances, the traditional outputs of any conventional controller can be wired into the two-wire converter.


This saves wire, labour and money. For example, the installation of a two-wire system is often up to a third less time than installing a multi-wire system.


This can allow you to connect up to 100 stations on a single converter, while also operating up to ten programmes simultaneously. Cable faults of such a system are easy to diagnose and there’s minimal fault-finding equipment needed. The diagnostics assist with fault-finding and reduce the time taken to pinpoint the problem.


Robert continues: “Some turfcare professionals just don’t want all the additional features and gizmos. They want simple irrigation that’s easy to use and highly effective. So, if your management style is that you’re prepared to monitor flow management manually by telling the system what to do with a precipitation calculation you’ve worked out yourself, the SRC Ranger controller is more than worth considering.”

So, when it comes to considering the options, the SRC Ranger Controller 4000 D from Reesink should be top of your list. It’s stocked for immediate dispatch, simply contact Reesink on 01480 226800 or email info@reesinkturfcare.co.uk.