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SRC Ranger Controller 4000 D


SRC Ranger Controller 4000 D

Introducing the SRC Ranger Controller 4000 D, an easy to use and highly effective 2-wire controller. More than just a box-on-the wall, this is a high value web-based as well as stand-alone, decoder-based, 2-Wire controller with a station and scheduling capacity of 1-100 Stations and 10 programs. A simple set up and operating on an uncomplicated system means that no PC is required for even greater ease of use. Beyond this, the 4000 D can operate up to 12 stations simultaneously and run 10 programmes concurrently.


  • 2-wire system means fewer cables
  • Scheduling capacity for between 1- 100 stations
  • Web-based management platform for mobile and PC, or as a stand-alone unit
  • Flow sensor capability including various alarm options
  • Fully ET capable with local and remote weather station
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Maximum Stations

Type 100

Master Valves

Type 1 (enabled at any Decoder action)

Maximum Active Valves

Type 12

Electrical Input

Type 230V


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