Otterbine Brings New Life to South Park In Darlington

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Darlington Council has recently acquired two Sunburst aerating fountains from Otterbine for the lake in the town’s historic South Park, and is reaping the benefits of clean, healthy water and decorative spray patterns which are attracting visitors and bringing new life to the park.

The Green Flag Award Victorian park has something for everyone, from a multi-use games area to an aviary, café, bandstand, skate park, bowling green, green gym, childrens’ play area – and now, it also has two new Otterbine fountains, much to the public’s delight. 

The purchase was made via Otterbine distributor Reesink Turfcare and the installation carried out by pond and lake specialist Clearwater Pond and Lake Management. Brian Graham, Head of Environmental Services at Darlington Council since 2006 who manages a team of over 200 people and had been hoping to make South Park even more inviting by getting rid of the algae in the lake and elevating its presentation.

“A colleague of mine knew someone who had an Otterbine fountain installed and recommended it to us,” Brian explains. “The process was absolutely fine. Reesink was great with the finance and arranged for the contractors to come in and do all the electrical work. The fountains were up and running within two days.” 

Besides providing two new aesthetically pleasing elements to the lake and new focal point to the park, the 1HP Sunburst aerating fountains prevent algae from forming on the top and accumulating around the edges, creating a cleaner look and healthy water, getting rid of odours and aquatic weeds in the process. Not only that but they are energy-efficient and made up of corrosion-resistant and durable stainless steel.

After purchasing and having the fountains installed, Brian has noted a big difference: “The lake looks a lot better now, with crystal clear water and two lovely spray patterns. The biggest thing is the feedback from the visitors, which has been very positive. People like the sight and sound of the spray, and it’s brought new life to the park. It was already popular by itself but now it has an improved look that has attracted the public even more.”

One of Otterbine’s most popular fountains, the Sunburst provides superior aeration while displaying a traditional yet striking pattern. Designed to give the best of both worlds by offering function and beauty, it can operate in as little as 75cm of water and can move over three times as much water than decorative patterns (pumping up to 237 cubic metres per hour), thanks to its open-throat propeller design. 

Boasting proven high oxygen transfer rates and providing an attractive display with the capability to manage severe aquatic environments, the Sunburst is also backed by a five-year warranty for added peace of mind and can have Fountain Glo™ LED lighting fitted in for an extra decorative element as the sun goes down.

To find out more about the Otterbine range of aerators and fountains, contact Reesink on 01480 226800, email or visit our website.